6 Amazing Ways You Can Use Cinnamon in Your Garden

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Cinnamon is a great ingredient for cakes, cookies and a number of different foods. However, this versatile spice is not only good for the stomach, but it is also great for the garden. If you love gardening and spending some time planting flowers, you should start using cinnamon.

Besides, it can provide some excellent benefits for your plants.

In addition, cinnamon can protect the roots, prevent pests and fungus from destroying the seedlings you want to plant. Moreover, after you have learned how to use it, you will think twice before purchasing another chemical for your garden.

Here are some of the most beneficial uses of cinnamon.

1. Keeps Pests Away

Even though we love this spice, insects don’t share the same love for cinnamon as we do. Instead, they hate it so much that they would run away from it. In addition, spread some of the cinnamon around the plant or wherever they tend to swarm.

Now, all that is left for you is to wait and see how the cinnamon can get rid of all the insects that surround your plants.

2. Protects the Seedlings and Seeds from Disease

Sometimes the fruits and veggies tend to get a disease. So, to prevent this disease from taking over the tree, it is best to use cinnamon. Furthermore, the fungal disease that regularly attacks the veggies and fruits appears due to terrible soil conditions or various types of fungi.

Therefore, add some cinnamon to the soil where you planted the plant and wait for it to take effect. In the end, the cinnamon will make the fruits healthy and ripe.

3. Keeps Mosquitos Away

Cinnamon has a heavy smell, especially for mosquitos. As a result, they hate it and avoid it at all costs. In addition, you should sprinkle some cinnamon around the garden, especially where mosquitos tend to bite you all the time.

Even though they hate the smell, it is lovely for us. So, use as much cinnamon as you would like.

4. Heals Wounded and Sick Plants

Have you recently cut your plant where you were not supposed to? Or maybe you transplanted it and hurt it in the process. In any case, by sprinkling some cinnamon on it, you can speed up the healing process.

Moreover, the cinnamon might even make the plant stronger and less prone to damage.

5. Root Fresh Plant Cuttings

It is normal to cut the plants to try to reproduce them. However, sometimes that doesn’t work. Therefore, you should sprinkle some cinnamon, since it can increase the chance of regrowing your plants.

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Besides, all you have to do is add some cinnamon on the stem where you cut the plant and put it in the soil. This is a great and natural way to replant your plants without the use of chemicals.

6. Combat Fungus

Fungi are the biggest enemies of plants. When mold starts to appear on your plants, that means that the fungi can take hold of the plant. In addition, you should add some ground cinnamon to prevent the mold or fungi from reproducing and growing even more.

However, if the fungi don’t disappear and attack your plant, even more, you should remove them before they completely infest it. Furthermore, if the fungi are inside the soil, in that case, you should replant the plant and completely change the pot and soil.

This way, you can keep your plant healthy and well. But, if the fungi are inside the plant, you can use some cinnamon and completely eliminate the problem. In addition, you can restore the health of your plant, and it won’t wither.

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