Each Tooth Is Associated with an Organ in the Body – Pain in Each Tooth Can Predict Problems in Certain Organs

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Have you ever heard of the theory that every toothache has a certain meaning? There are lots of people out there claiming that every toothache says a lot about other parts of your body and their vitality.

Many experts tell us that there is truly indeed a connection between the teeth and internal organs in your system. For example, the lower and upper incisors tell us that your bladder, kidneys, and ears might be in trouble.

However, your canine teeth tell us that you may have issues with your gallbladder and liver. Moreover, feeling pain in the premolars tells us that you may potentially have issues with your lungs and colon.

NOTE. Just because this post says that there might be a correlation between your body’s health to your teeth, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should start panicking or taking serious measures. Actually, it’s best to pay a visit to your local dentist and have a check-up and conversation about it all.

If interested, proceed reading down below!

Tooth Aches and Body Parts

  • Lower and upper incisor pain – otitis, pyelonephritis, cystitis
  • First incisor pain – prostatitis, tonsillitis
  • Canine teeth pain – hepatitis, cholecystitis
  • Premolar teeth pain – Allergic reaction, dysbacteriosis, colitis, pneumonia
  • Fourth teeth pain [bottom and top] – elbow, knee, shoulder pain, arthritis, and other types of body inflammations
  • Molars pain – chronic pancreatitis, duodenal ulcer, anemia, chronic gastritis, ulcers
  • Sixth lower tooth – atherosclerosis, artery problems, vein-related issues
  • Sixth upper tooth – Ovaries, spleen, thyroid gland issues
  • Lower molars pain – Veins, colon, and lung-related issues
  • Wisdom teeth pain – Various cardiac diseases

Good luck!

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