Touch the End of Your Toes and Find out If You Have a Heart Problem

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Ever wondered why during gym warm-ups some people can bend enough to the point where they can touch their own toes and some not? You must have probably thought that it’s most likely due to not being having enough physical condition.

Your Body Elasticity Has a Lot to Do with the Elasticity of Your Heart

Well, it turns out that this has a lot to do with your heart health. Of course, if you’re having any doubts and aren’t feeling the best you should always consult with a doctor first. But, if you’re currently not in the position to do so, you can try out the following method.

Basically, all that you need to do is sit on a sturdy flat surface and stretch out your legs. Your legs should be stretched out, and your toes should point up. After you’re in this position, try to touch the ends of your toes with your hands.

The catch is, if you can actually touch your toes, this means that just like your body, your heart is flexible enough and working full steam ahead. But, if you indeed cannot do it, try to back-track your health condition. Determine if you’re actually feeling okay or not.

What To Do

If you feel like there’s nothing wrong, try switching up your diet and maybe doing some exercise. This is going to get your body going and will help you get rid of all of the toxins in your body.

But if you realize that there are some minor alarm signs that have been warning you all this time that something is wrong, make sure to schedule an appointment and speak to a professional.

This method has actually come to life because of a study held by a group of researchers. It turned out that individuals who are over 40 have more issues with their body’s elasticity. This, of course, is nothing to worry about because the aging process tends to come with a weakened system that you should put some work in to be just fine.

Taking care of your body is essential.

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