8 Tips to Avoid Foot and Heel Pain from Wearing High Heels

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Who doesn’t  love high heels? They may be painful, but we can’t live without them. Plus, they are crucial for a perfect look, whether it will be a day or a night out. So, if we want to put a gorgeous outfit together, we have to wear heels.

However, they tend to be very painful. So, how can you wear them without the unbearable pain? Well, for some women might seem possible, and for others, far from reality. Luckily, there is a way to avoid some of the pain.

But, it all depends on the legs and how they will react to your shoes. Therefore, we picked the best ways you can try to avoid some pain from heels by trying out these tips.

8 Tips to Avoid Foot Pain

If you want to try some ways to avoid pain from wearing heels, try these tips out.

1. Pick a Thicker Heel

Thin heels can be very painful because they don’t provide stability. Even though it is alright to wear them on special occasions, you should avoid wearing them all the time. If you wear thin heals on a daily basis, you can cause some serious problems for your feet.

2. Choose Buckles and Straps

It is very easy to wear shoes that you can adjust according to your leg. Therefore, you need to pick ones that have straps and buckles. Besides, they are comfortable and can help you avoid any irritation or rubbing.

3. Get Proper Measures

Don’t try to pick the right size for your shoes, instead, ask for someone from the shoe store to measure your size. This way, you can avoid purchasing shoes that are not fit for you and might cause pain in the future.

4. Purchase Shoes with Leather Soles

The bottom of the shoe is as important as the top. That is why you need to see if the bottom is with leather soles so that your feet can move properly.

5. Get Silicone Gel Inserts

The silicone gel inserts can protect your feet while you are standing, which in turn can provide great comfort. Therefore, you need to get proper gel inserts that are designed especially for your heels.

6. Avoid Tight Shoes

Comfortability should be your primary focus. Instead on purchasing pretty heels that don’t fit, try to find the right size. In the end, your toenails and toes will love you for it.

7. Try to Rest More Often

Occasional resting is important if you feel pain from wearing heels. Plus, you need to make sure not to strain your feet. Only this way you will be able to heal quicker and continue walking.

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8. Consult an Orthotic for High Heels

That is right! You can consult a professional if you feel constant pain from wearing high heels. In the end, the orthotic will help you minimize the pain and give you some advice.

Will you try these tips out? Tell us your ideas, opinions, and don’t forget to leave a comment. If you found this article helpful, make sure to share it with friends and family.

Source: Makeup and Beauty | Reader’s Digest | Style Caster | She Knows

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