15 Signs You May Have An Acute Anxiety Disorder

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Anxiety can often lead one to feel like they are alone in their struggle but it’s a condition that many people are affected by. Though anxiety is a normal response to different forms of stress we all encounter in life you may want to consider acute anxiety treatment if your symptoms become debilitating and hold you back from doing the things you need to be doing throughout the day.

Acute anxiety signs and acute anxiety treatment vary from person to person. We’ve compiled a list of 15 signs that can help you decide whether or not you should check in with your health care provider to discuss your options if you believe you are suffering from an anxiety disorder.

1. If Your Morning Ritual Doesn’t Go Just Right, Something Goes Wrong
According to professionals, one of the tell-tale signs of an anxiety disorder is any compulsive behavior. This is not to imply that just because you like to have coffee every morning you have a disorder, but if not having that one cup of coffee with exactly 1 teaspoon of sugar has the power to ruin your entire day, you could be experiencing a lot of anxiety on a regular basis and need acute anxiety treatment.

2. You Are Always Too Early
A habit of those with high-functioning anxiety is having to arrive early at their destination- every time. Whether it’s a movie date, doctors appointment, or getting to work in the morning.

3. Your Friends Are Always Changing
If you are dealing with the insecurity that results from anxiety you may realize that you’re friends change frequently.

4. You Write A lot of Lists
Keeping all those lists are not going to do much for you if you still feel unorganized on the inside. All of those lists you write, are they really helping you?

5. Perfection is Priority in Everything You Do
People with anxiety are more likely to want everything to be perfect because it makes them feel nervous and insecure when things are pointed out that are wrong. Many who struggle with anxiety are over-achievers.

6. You’re a Busy-Bee
If taking time to relax makes you nervous- you may have an anxiety disorder. Do you always feel like you need to be doing something or you’re wasting your time? Try taking some extra rest and see if it makes you uncomfortable.

7. You Bite Your Nails
Nail biting is a compulsive habit that usually points to anxiety disorder. The same is applicable to excessive fidgeting, avoiding eye contact, or a nervous tick.

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8. You Have Trouble Sleeping
Having trouble falling and staying asleep or never feeling rested enough is a common sign of an anxiety disorder. Acute anxiety treatment can help you get back to a regular sleep schedule.

9. You’d Rather Stay in than Socialize
You may feel lonely and like you want to socialize but something holds you back and you end up staying in- why? Anxiety can make it a challenge to voluntarily put yourself into situations where you have to socialize.

10. You’re the First One to Leave
This one goes hand-in-hand with wanting to stay home. When you’re anxious, you are more likely to become overwhelmed and may choose to leave certain situations as quickly as possible.

11. Your Heartrate is Normally Elevated
You may notice this when you’re more stressed or about to have an anxiety attack.

12. You Imagine the Worst Case Scenario All the Time
Anxiety triggers the fear response in our brains and makes us feel unsafe even if you aren’t in a dangerous situation. Though being safe should be a priority in everyone’s life, are you feeling threatened in situations that aren’t actually threatening?

13. You Have to Plan Everything
Excessive planning is a sign of anxiety as it is another compulsive behavior that is an attempt at preventing things from going wrong or getting out of control. Do you get nervous when you have to “wing it” even if it’s for something that isn’t of much significance?

14. You’re Very Serious
When is the last time you laughed at yourself when you made a silly mistake? If you have a hard time “loosening up”, you could have an underlying anxiety disorder. Are you frequently told by others to relax or to not take everything so seriously?

15. Your Fear Holds You Back
If you’re so afraid of what might happen if you walk out your front door you don’t end up leaving the house you may need acute anxiety treatment. It’s normal to be afraid of certain things, but, you should still be able to do the things you want with your life in spite of the fear.

There are many reasons as to why someone develops an anxiety disorder and many acute anxiety signs. Your treatment will depend on the severity of your condition but you may be surprised to find that simple things like exercising more and eating the right foods help keep panic attacks and anxiousness at bay. If you feel your condition may be serious, talk to your healthcare provider.

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