11 Types of Muscle Tension That Are Caused By Trapped Emotions

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Are you someone who has a hard time with processing and resolving the emotions that you’re feeling? Did you know that stress and negative emotions can not only make you feel terrible and drained, but it can also cause some health issues?

Have you ever felt a weird muscle pain that came out of nowhere? Your mind is not playing tricks on you; there are serious reasons behind the pain and discomfort.

It turns out that stress and bottling down the way that you’re feeling can have a serious impact over your muscles.

If you want to find out more, the types of pain and muscles are all listed below!

Types of Muscle Pain

Upper Back

If you are feeling muscle tension on your upper back area, this can indicate to a recent heartbreak that you’ve been through. Or maybe a heartbreak that you find hard to let go of. Maybe try to resolve how you’re feeling by calling the person for coffee and telling them how you feel.

Or maybe reach out to a friend to just pour your heart out? It truly takes time to heal from heartbreak. And we salute you for going through your journey like a champ.


Shoulder tension and pain is linked to pressure. You have a lot of responsibilities, and it’s slowly starting to weigh down on you. You really need to reach out to someone. It can be a friend or a loved one. If you don’t feel like asking for help, talk to someone just to get a bit of guidance.

You can’t walk with all of that weight of the world all by yourself.

Lower Back

Pain in the lower back area is associated with insecurity. You have been feeling a little down in the dumps lately, and we can’t blame you. We are living in a time where the pressure to look your best is probably higher than ever.

Maybe someone made an inconsiderate remark towards your looks?  Pay them no mind. Just know that they are probably feeling the same way themselves. After a little while, you’re even going to start feeling sorry for them.


Stomach pain is the result of your inability to process something that has come into your life very suddenly and unexpectedly. It was such a huge shock to the point where you didn’t even know where you are.

Give it time. Don’t push yourself to forget. Spend your time focusing on healing instead.


Feeling the tension in your neck is the sigh of you pushing all the stress away without dealing with it. Unfortunately by ignoring your emotions you are basically just letting all of the negativity accumulate in your subconscious which worsens everything for you in the future.

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Give yourself the needed time to heal as well. Face your fears.

Middle of the Back

Are you feeling tension and pain in the middle back area? Have you recently done anything that has given you a guilty conscience?  Talk yourself through it. You deserve closure. If you’ve wronged someone, go ahead and apologize. It’s the best thing to do in order to move on. We wish you lots of luck on your journey.


What are you afraid of? Having headaches and feeling pressure on your head indicates to you being afraid of something. Don’t let fear to lurk inside your mind waiting for the right time to get the best of you.

The sooner you face your fears, the more you’re going to grow as a person.


Feeling pain and tension in your wrists indicates to your anger. The anger and rage that you’re feeling about something is something you may not even know is present within your subconscious. This happens due to your tendency to bottle up your emotions.

But worry not. Do some self-reflection and find out where the problem hides. You are going to be just fine. It’s all part of the growing process.

Outer Thighs

You are haunted by the things that have happened to you in the past. You can only hold on to negativity for so long. There’s no use in that. Face your past mistakes and negative experiences so that you can heal.

Inner Thighs

Feeling pain and tension in your inner thighs indicates to a certain impatience. You are waiting for something that looks like it’s taking forever to happen. Reassure yourself that what you’re waiting for is on its way and free yourself from all of the tension that you’re feeling.


You need to work on showing your vulnerability more. Sure, we do live in a time where our poker face has a lot more value than our true selves, but you need to learn how to balance that properly. You deserve better!

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