15 Ways to Reduce Redness On Your Face Quickly

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We all hate the look. The red splotches, the uneven skin tone, or the gross eruptions on our faces are horrible. It’s gross. It’s unappealing. And we just want to get rid of it all!

Today, we’re going to show you the top three most effective ways to reduce redness and to get clear skin super fast. Then, we’ll list some other solutions which have worked for most people worldwide. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

What Causes Face Redness In The First Place?

The Answer: Bacteria. Above all other reasons, bacteria is the number one cause of facial redness. Even allergies, sleep deprivation, and emotional upheaval all take second place next to bacteria.

Tips To Reduce Redness On Your Face Quickly

That’s why our number one tip is to never touch your face.

1. Only Touch Your Face With Freshly Soaped Hands.

There are more bacteria on your hands than on all the other parts of your body combined. Your hands are serious agents in germ warfare. Nothing can carry armies of both good and bad bacteria like your hands can.

Nobody knows how often we touch our own face. We do it so often and so fast that it passes our notice. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager or in your 80’s. Every time you touch your face, you’re spreading massive bacteria to your skin.

Picking at yourself in the mirror is okay. That is always fine. But, this time, wash your hands with soap before you do. Now you can pick and prod without guilt. This one activity alone can reduce facial redness by up to 80%. It is pure gold.

2. A Few Minutes Of Sunshine Per Day Will Make Your Skin Tone Smooth.

Even if you burn easily, a couple of minutes in the sun will give you Vitamin D, a key ingredient for healthy skin. Light-toned skin is specifically designed to soak up more Vitamin D than dark-toned skin. That means that you might need Vitamin D more. If you have dark-toned skin (but still suffer from redness), you may need the vibrational frequency of sunlight to even out your skin tone.

3. A Light Layer Of Coconut Oil Will Protect Your Skin Further.

Just because your skin is clean does not mean that it is protected. Your skin normally is protected by a layer of skin oil. This ensures that bacteria can’t get in and that only sweat can get out. Since we have to wash off sweat and skin oil with soap and water, we can replace this protection with a very light layer of coconut oil.

Coconut oil is very spreadable so only use a little bit. At room temperature, coconut oil is solid. At body temperature, it melts. After you have shampooed and rinsed your hair (no conditioner), you can also brush coconut oil through your hair with a natural-bristle brush. This will replace the scalp oils you lost in the washing.

These top three tips can be combined to make your skin safe and even-toned. Read below for more specialty situations.

Allergy Mayhem

Allergies are the main problem of many people who enjoy living in front of the TV and computer. This is a good lifestyle to have, as long as your body is kept healthy for most of it.

4. Fix Food Allergies With Slight Reintegration

If you have food allergies, these can cause your face to break out. Make yourself immune to this problem by occasionally incorporating a small bit of your allergy food into your diet. This builds up a tolerance and gradually adapts you to the problem food. If you have multiple food allergies, do this one at a time, so that your system can adapt to one thing at a time.

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5. Fix Pollen And Pet Dander Allergies With Outdoor Exercise

Oxygenation is the key to removing outdoor allergies of any kind. Your immune system depends on proper oxygenation to fuel an immune response to any kind of external microbes.

In the beginning, exercising outdoors may make you a bit wheezy. It’s okay. You can use your inhaler as many times as you like. Over time, you will end up using it less and feeling less allergic, too. You will reduce redness in your face, as well. As you keep doing this, your entire body will look stronger, and your skin tone will tighten and firm up.

Sleep Support

Even above proper nutrition and working at a good job, sleep is the number one need of all humanity. Sleep is above food, sex, relationships, recreation, and downtime. Your brain requires sleep to purge itself of its neuro-toxins. These neuro-toxins can’t be flushed out while you’re awake. Only during sleep can your brain clean and maintain itself. Sleep is also the defining factor between peaceful neighborhoods and violent neighborhoods. Emotional distress can also be purged and processed through dreams and sleep.

6. Darker And Quieter Makes A Longer Rest

The longer you sleep, the better you feel. Your skin relaxes and feels clean. Your body is at rest. Your mood is at peace. Get a longer sleep by shutting off all electronics (except your alarm clock) in your room, closing the door, and allowing peace and darkness to descend on your bed. Go to bed early so that you can get all your sleep in before your alarm goes off. You shouldn’t “have” to get up. You should feel happy to get up.

7. Clean Sheet Day Is Your Skin’s Favorite Day

Nothing feels as good to clean skin as clean sheets. Clean sheet day is your skin’s favorite day of the week (or the month, depending on your laundry habits). Laundry day also reduces bacteria on your sheets which cause rashes or sores. Remember to use fabric softener to make your sheets silky soft.

Blankets and comforters can be washed once a month, but sheets and pillowcases should be washed and replaced once a week. These come in the most frequent contact with your skin. Keep them both super soft and super clean at all times. Redness and itching will reduce immediately.

8. Well-Watered Rest Makes You Feel Cleaned Out (And Skinny) The Next Day

Your skin cells, your body cells, and your brain cells will be able to flush themselves out if you drink plenty of water right before you go to bed. There’s nothing wrong with getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. It will reduce redness and make your tissues feel so good and clean in the morning.

What you want to avoid is waking up dry and dehydrated. Your whole body will feel bloated and cracking, like a dried up beach ball. If you go to bed well-watered, you will feel smooth, fresh, and skinny the next morning.

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If you find that you go to the bathroom more than once at night, then you may be drinking too little during the day. That’s why your nighttime watering overflows too much. Simply hydrate a little more throughout the day and your balance should even out after you go to bed.

Emotional Turmoil

We all need good relationships in our lives. According to Dr. William Glasser, “Happiness only occurs when you have the types of interactions you want with the people with whom you want the most to be in relationships.” In other words, when you do what you want with the people you care about the most.

9. Self-Care Is The Opposite Of Selfishness

When someone denies themselves help and self-care, they often go into a downwards “needs” spiral where they end up on a bad cycle. This is a starve-and-gorge cycle. They starve themselves of their own attention, and then they need to “take” from others to get their starving needs met.

Your skin needs self-care. Redness in your skin can often be a sign of neglect. Your soul also needs self-care. Whether you’re a man or a woman, pamper your skin and yourself at least twice a week. Go someplace quiet, get out the good lotion, and enjoy your evening with a good book or your favorite TV show.

10. The Order Is: You First, Your Spouse Second, Your Kids Third

Now you can think about others. You still have to keep yourself first, though. When your needs are met, your overflow can nurture your spouse. When you and your spouse’s needs are met, you both have overflowing energy that can nurture your children. You will feel better, the redness in your skin will go away, your kids and your spouse will feel more at peace, and your problems will start becoming manageable.

Are your kids really third on this list? Yes, because kids feel most secure when their parents take care of themselves first and each other second. They feel as if they are standing on a firm foundation now. It is better that they feel secure in this foundation than that they get attention first at the moment.

11. Zero Promises And Many Acts Of Kindness

Promises are great for people who have the time and the resources always to back them. However, if you happen to not have several million dollars in your account, you can still create quite a reputation for yourself.

Never make promises because this burdens you to fulfill them or let someone down. Instead, perform many acts of kindness spontaneously for people. You can reduce redness on your skin by simply reducing the amount of stress you take on. When asked for help, do what you can do for them immediately, but never promise them more. This way, you can be infinitely kind to others without draining your future emotional energy or reserves.

In conclusion, your skin directly reflects how you are treating yourself and how you think about yourself. If the top three tips don’t fix things for you, consider the specialty tips below them. You may find something that will nourish your soul and your skin in one fell swoop. Peaceful nurturing.


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