Here’s How to Spot Rice Made Out of Plastic

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According to the latest statistics, China is still the largest rice producer in the world. This country produces over 200 tons of rice per year. However, there are many sources that have confirmed that some of the rice that comes from China actually contains plastic components.

In other words, some rice companies from China are selling fake rice that consists of potato starch and plastic with added rice aroma. After that, the rice is mixed with the natural rice in order to deceive buyers.

As a result of these claims, the authorities have opened an investigation and they have confirmed that some of this rice that comes from China is full of plastic elements. When you take a closer look at this rice you will notice that it looks the same as natural rice. However, there are a few things that can help you determine whether you are using natural rice or a fake one. In this article, we will reveal four tests that can help you find out whether you are safe or not.

Test No. 1 – Fire

Take a few rice kernels and set them on fire. In case they are not burning then you are looking at organic rice. Obviously, if they are burning you’ve got fake rice.

Test No.2 – Water

Take a tablespoon of rice and pour it into one glass of water. In case the rice stays on the surface, then it is fake.

Test No.3 – Mortar and pestle

Take a few rice grains and crush them. In case they are organic the rice will turn into a white powder. In case there are yellow stains then you’ve bought artificial rice.

Test No.4 – Mold

Put a small amount of rice in water, cook it well and store it in a clean, plastic container. Put the plastic container in a sunny area and wait for 2-3 days. In case there is mold developed, then you have organic rice.

With the help of these simple and easy tests, you will be able to stay on the safe side and avoid the negative consequences brought by artificial rice from China.

Source: Healthy Life Vision

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