7 Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Avocados Today

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Avocados are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It has countless benefits that it can offer for our bodies. Not only they are tasty, but they can greatly improve our overall health as well. But, many people are scared to eat foods that contain fat, so they avoid avocados.

Therefore, we would like to inspire you to not run away from this healthy food. Besides, it contains many important antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats. So, there is nothing to worry about.

Despite their rising popularity the past few years, many Americans still don’t know how to eat them. So, to eat more avocados, use them in any savory or sweet dishes you like, even in salads and dips.

7 Benefits of Eating Avocados

Here are some amazing reasons that might inspire you to eat more avocados every day.

1. Protect the Eyes

If you eat more avocados, you can protect your vision.

In addition, avocados contain phytochemicals, lutein, and zeaxanthin which can protect the tissue in the eyes even from ultraviolet light. Moreover, the monounsaturated fatty acids in this fruit can reduce the chance of developing macular degeneration due to old age.

2. Helps with Weight Loss

For your digestive system to function appropriately, you will need to eat avocados. Since half an avocado has 3.4 grams of fiber, it can break down carbohydrates in the body and help improve digestion.

Furthermore, these fruits have oleic acid, which can create a greater feeling of satiety. In the end, this will make you feel less full. However, the fats avocados contain, are not the same fats as processed foods do. So they are safe to consume.

3. Balance the Blood Sugar

If you regularly consume avocados, you might be able to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol. Besides, only a 25 milligrams of avocado contains beta-sitosterol, the compound necessary for this to work.

4. Manages and Prevents Arthritis

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, avocados can be useful for reducing the inflammation and pain in the joints. Plus, they contain vitamin E and many nutrients that can reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis or arthritis.

5. Fights and Prevents Cancer

According to some studies, avocados can be useful for fighting cancer by killing the cancer cells.

Therefore, these fruits might be able to fight, blood, bone marrow, oral and prostate cancer. Also, they contain a huge amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which can prove useful for our health.

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The way avocados work to fight cancer is by affecting the cell cycle and killing some abnormal cells.

6. Protects the Heart

These fruits can be useful for keeping the heart healthy, due to the fact that they can balance the cholesterol levels and keep the body healthy.

7. For Healthy Babies

To avoid folate deficiency, pregnant mothers should eat more avocados. This way, they might be able to avoid some birth defects in their baby and make the baby stronger and healthier.

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