10 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Protein Deficiency

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Everyone always talks about following a balanced diet but – has anyone ever stopped to think what even is a balanced diet?

What does the word “balanced” mean?

Essentially, balanced diet stands for a colorful plate – eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits without ever cheating and eating junk food.

Also, it means eating a balanced out amount of the needed proteins, fibers, carbs, and fats that are going to help you get through the day while feeling energetic and prepared for everything.

One of these supplements that we rarely talk about is protein. Sure, you’ve heard the name, once or twice. But what is it about protein that makes it such an important supplement for the human body?

Before we begin explaining, it’s important to know that Brussels sprouts, broccoli, meat, eggs, quinoa, some cheeses, oats, nuts, and eggs are some of the ingredients that are packing in high levels of protein.

If you eat a normal diet that consists of many ingredients you’re most likely fine. But if you don’t you may be at risk of having a protein deficiency.

Protein deficiency is dangerous because it can lead to other potentially harmful diseases.

If interested in finding out more, read about it below.

Protein Deficiency Symptoms

Weight Loss

If you’re noticing yourself that recently you’ve lost weight and look different, it may be a double-edged sword kind of situation. This is because you might just be losing muscle mass and not any fats. This is dangerous and unhealthy.

Watch out and in order to stop this from happening, make sure to focus on losing fat, and that you’re getting enough protein in your diet.

Sweet Tooth

Protein gives you energy, and it regulates your levels of blood sugar. If you’re lacking protein in your system, your body needs an energy fix, which leads to you needing and craving sugar.

Instead of heading to the grocery store to grab a chocolate bar, try to back-track and think of what you’ve eaten up to the point of your sugar craving.

Skip the chocolate and have a meal rich in proteins instead!

 Hair Loss

If during your weight-loss journey you start losing hair, don’t panic. This can be a very worrisome time, but it just means that you’ve been following a diet that is unhealthy. Increase your protein intake and take good care of your hair.

Protein is important for your because it consists of keratin – a protein important for healthy hair.

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So if you start noticing signs that your hair is thinning out, start acting on it before it’s too late.

Weakened Nails

Nails require a certain amount of protein in order to grow, to be strong and shiny. So, if there is a shortage on it, your nails will become weaker and fewer layers will form. This is why they are constantly cracking and breaking and keep falling apart in layers.

If you notice this is happening to make sure to take some more protein in your system.

Skin Is Dry and Pale

If you start noticing that your skin has been getting a bit drier than usual, and if you’ve gotten a bit paler, don’t blame the weather. Back-track how your diet has been holding up the past month and act on it.

Another symptom that might indicate a protein deficiency is if rashes develop on your skin because of the dryness as well.

Take in more proteins in your diet.

Even though you might be thinking that paleness is due to anemia, a protein deficiency and anemia always come together. This is because the same foods contain both iron and protein.

Getting Sick Often

If you’re getting headaches, fevers, and coming in ill every other week, try to think about what you’re eating. Low blood sugar and anemia are also to blame for often headaches.

If you are experiencing a bit harsher health issues, and if your fevers are a bit too high, make sure to consult a professional about the right measures to take. Also, taking supplements that provide you with protein is also a good idea to take into consideration.


If you have started feeling weaker than usual, and if your fatigue is getting worse, it’s time to think about how much protein you’re taking in your system.

If you get tired more easily than before, it’s because you’ve lost muscle mass. Without the same muscle mass as before, you’re going to find it harder to finish the tasks that you used to have no problem with.


If you’re having trouble with feeling weak to the point of fainting, it’s time to get your diet back on track. You’re fainting because of the low blood sugar in your system. Even though this is quite the scary experience, you should make sure to get your protein in check, and you should be good as new.

Another thing to think about is anemia. Since anemia and protein deficiency go hand in hand, another thing that can trigger fainting is the lack of iron in your blood. Get your blood tested and see the results to know what exactly you should do.

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Trouble Falling Asleep

The amino acid important for proteins’ structure called serotonin takes care of how much and when you sleep. Unfortunately, a protein deficiency goes hand in hand with anemia and serotonin deficiency as well.

Again, track your diet to see what you should do. Protein is important for so many things in our system.

Mental Health Not Doing Okay

If you’ve not been feeling the best lately, strangely enough, it might be due to a protein deficiency. It can make you anxious, depressed, cranky, and without any energy.

Did you recognize yourself in any of these symptoms? The most important thing to take into consideration is to track your diet accordingly and to add more protein to your diet. This is what a balanced diet should stand for.

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