Massage “The Point of All Diseases” to Keep Your Health in Check

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This one comes from an old Japanese legend, where one father granted his son with one of the world’s biggest secrets. The secret was about the one point on your body that if you take care of, you’re going to achieve longevity and good health year-round.

The son lived for many years after discovering this huge secret.


If you’re reading this and you know something about acupuncture, you would know that the human body consists of 365 body points, as well as 12 meridians. Acupuncture experts work their magic based on these points and meridians. This body schematic further on leads to different organs.

If you didn’t know, pressing certain points of the body with your fingers counts as acupuncture too. It’s not all about the big needles.

Middle Eastern culture observes the body as a huge ball of energy, and by pressing certain points, you are stimulating those energies to achieve health.

Today we’re going to talk about the most important body point, even called The Point of Longevity in China, and The Point of 100 Diseases in Japan.

The process of massaging this point is called Zu San Li. By actively and continuously doing so, you’re going to stimulate your system and achieve results like a slowed-down aging process, you are going to prevent the development of dozens of diseases and feel refreshed and healthy.

Where Is The Point Located?

The Point of 100 Diseases is located right below where the knee is. You can easily find this point as it is. For more precise results put your hands on your knees accordingly, left to left and right to right.

Once your hands are on your knees, you are going to see that the point is where your ring finger and pinky end, right in between of the bones.

Where Did It Get Its Name From?

People have been calling this point The Point of 100 Diseases because it’s capable of healing most health issues that you’re experiencing.

By doing the Zu San Li, you are going to keep your reproductive system in check, as well as the digestive and gastrointestinal tract, the glands of the body, as well as the kidneys,

You can also treat impotence, hiccups, gastritis, constipation, and issues with the urinary tract as well.

People are claiming that by massaging this miracle-working body point, you can relieve yourself from tension, anxiety, and you are going to keep your body’s energies balanced and in check. It can stimulate you and make you feel overall refreshed and well.

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Some Other Effects Zu San Li Provides

  • A boost of the immune system
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Regulates insulin and glucose
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps eliminate stroke side-effects

How to Perform the Zu San Li

It’s incredibly important to make sure you take some time to relax before you start performing the Zu San Li massage. Practice your breathing – take deep breaths and exhale. Focus on how you’re feeling and try to eliminate all of the negativity that you’re feeling.

This is all called spiritual healing, and you should work on yourself this way even when not massaging The Point of 100 Diseases.

Perform the massage by making circular movements below your kneecap for nine times per leg, clockwise. The entire massage should last for about ten minutes. If you want to perform the massage a couple of times a day, do it once you wake up and before having your main meal of the day. If you do it before bed, you might experience trouble with sleeping.

You can use grains like oats, wheat, rice, or garlic cloves to do the massage. Using your fingers is fine as well.

What Does Garlic Have to Do with It?

An interesting stimulant that can help you get better results is garlic. Cut the cloves in half and leave them on the point for about two hours. It’s going to help you stimulate your entire immune system, and you’re going to notice that you’re feeling a lot better.

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