Cabbage Leaves Used as a Relief for Swollen Breasts

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This is one of the oldest methods women across the globe have been using since way back when; During times there were no chemicals and medication to help treat all sorts of pains. Using cabbage leaves to treat breast pain is also incredibly beneficial and always works as well.

If you’re currently breastfeeding and you feel as though your breast is a bit too swollen from a bit of excess milk, you should try this method out. You are going to need to find a solution to this issue because you’re going to have trouble with feeding your child.

Here are some other quick tips that we’ve discovered to help you out breast pain.

  • Use Ice Packs to Help Reduce Swelling
  • Do Not Touch and Irritate Your Nipples
  • Do Not Try to Squeeze out the Milk
  • Don’t Shower with Water That’s Too Warm

Ice packs are the most uncomfortable from the bunch, but they are probably the most effective method to minimize the swelling.  If your breasts are swollen, you’re going to find it very uncomfortable to wear clothes that are too tight around the chest area too.

Why Does Cabbage Help Reduce Swelling?

It’s interesting that so many experts actually recommend the use of cabbage leaves to treat pain and swelling too.

The reason behind why cabbage can help reduce swelling is because it contains an amino acid called methionine. The amino acid helps because it reacts as an anti-irritant and antibiotic, which helps soothe and calm the area.

It also dilates the capillaries in the breast area which reduces inflammation and allows proper flow of the breast milk.

If you decide to try out the cabbage leaves, make sure to do it in a room where the temperature is a bit chilly. Cold temperatures reduce swelling as well.

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