Testing Reveals Major Orange Juice Brands Contaminated With Cancer-Linked Chemical

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Orange juice is an iconic addition to breakfast that most people consider to be one of the healthiest parts of the meal. It certainly is a good source of essential vitamin C. For instance the juice in one single orange contains roughly 70% of the daily recommended value of vitamin C for adults. Orange juice also contains a small amount of potassium, vitamin A, magnesium, iron, and fiber.

To the surprise of many people, especially those in the know that like to eat cleanly and avoid carcinogenic pesticides and herbicides as much as possible, Monanto’s notorious cancer-linked chemical has been identified in five leading orange juice brands. This is slightly surprising because as far as we know, there are no orange crops that have been genetically modified to withstand the herbicide Roundup. These are known as roundup-ready crops such as corn, soy, rapeseed (canola), and cotton.

Either orange farmers have been using glyphosate-containing Roundup to control weeds around their trees, or it simply has persisted in irrigation water, rainwater, and other forms of runoff.

This brings up one of the biggest issues surrounding Roundup and other glyphosate-containing products. Monsanto assured the public for years that their own safety studies showed that glyphosate breaks down quickly in the environment and could not persist in water supplies, or human bodies. We now know that this was a lie and even trace amounts of glyphosate in the body can wreak havoc on the digestive system and even promote cancer.

The organization Moms Across America has been determined to get the word out about glyphosate contamination in our foods and environment and one of the latest revelations has shown contamination in popular orange breakfast drinks. Several orange juice brands were sent to the lab to be tested for glyphosate contamination and sure enough, even your simple breakfast juice contains the flagship weedkiller.

Lab Testing for the Following 5 Brands of Orange Juice Produced These Results

1. Tropicana: Found to contain 26.05 ppb and 25.12 ppb glyphosate residue. These samples were purchased from Target.

2. Minute Maid: Residual glyphosate tested between 13.54 and 12.65 ppb and were purchased from Jack in the Box.

3. Stater Bros: Contained 4.93 and 4.43 ppb and were purchased straight from Starter Bros.

4. Signature Farms: Was found to contain 5.78 ppb to 6.33 ppb glyphosate and was purchased from Vons.

5. Kirkland brand: Tested at 5.96 and 4.33 ppb glyphosate and were bought at Costco.

Now you might be thinking that the dose makes the poison and parts per billion is such a small amount, why should you care? Well as little as 0.1 ppb glyphosate has been shown to be capable of destroying beneficial gut bacteria, a vital part of our overall health and ability to ward off disease and sickness.

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Furthermore as little as 1 part per TRILLION has been shown to stimulate breast cancer cells. In summation, no amount of glyphosate is safe or healthy and the target level to ingest should be zero.

If that’s not enough to make you care, consider this. Glyphosate does not easily break down as Monsanto wanted the public to believe. It bioaccumulates in the body. This means that if 25 ppb of glyphosate is consumed in your morning juice on a daily basis, you are literally consuming over 9,000 ppb on a yearly basis that your body has a hard time getting rid of.

This goes to show that even the simplest products that contain little more than fruit juice and water have been compromised by Monsanto’s irresponsible and malicious approach to agriculture. Your best bet is to select certified organic products which prohibit the use of Roundup and other glyphosate-containing products in their ingredients.


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