How to Use Olive Oil and Sea Salt as Treatment for Joint Pain

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Natural remedies like sea salt and olive oil treatment are long-lasting and very effective. Best of all, they do not cause damage to your body.

Read below to learn about an amazing oil and salt treatment for joint pain!

Salt and Oil Treatment for Joint Pain:


20 tablespoons Olive oil
10 tablespoons Sea salt
1 cup Water


  1. Add the 10 of salt and 20 tablespoons of oil to the water.
  2. Mix the ingredients altogether, then massage into the affected areas for at least 3 minutes. This will be enough at first, but, you should increase the time gradually.
  3. The end goal is to get to at least 20 minutes. Do not worry if you do not have enough time, it is not important. Try to get up to approximately 10 minutes.


  1. Apply the oil and salt treatment for about 10 days. You will soon get the long-lasting benefits from this. You will be able to easily move, while your pain will be reduce significantly. Due to this traditional remedy you will be improving your circulation, rejuvenating your cells, and supporting your immune system.

Some individuals have skin that will become red from the massage, and also from the removal of the mixture.

  • To avoid this, first you should wipe the mixture off using a warm, damp towel.
  • Then, use another dry towel with the added talcum powder to soothe the area.

These simple steps will help take care of any redness, so you can continue with the treatment as normal.

Properties of Olive Oil

Olive oil is highly recommended over vegetable oil because it is naturally extracted, rather than chemically made. It is rich in a group of antioxidants known as polyphenols, which studies have shown are able to slow down the aging of your cells. Therefore, chronic conditions that cause joint pain, like arthritis, take longer to affect cells to the extent that you experience pain.

But, olive oil also attacks inflammation directly thru a compound called oleocanthal. Oleocanthal is able to prevent enzymes that are responsible for inflammation from ever being activated. This mechanism is similar as that used by ibuprofen to reduce inflammation.

Properties of Sea Salt

Sea salt is a different breed of salt which contains much more nutritive value as compared to table salt. While table salt had been heavily processed to remove minerals, and also prevent clumping.

Sea salt is grainier, but it delivers a good amount of potassium, magnesium, copper, calcium, and zinc. Also, because sea salt is harvested rather than processed, the level of these minerals varies, depending on its source.

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But, despite the healthy minerals contained in sea salt, it does contain about as much sodium as that of table salt. Consuming too much sodium is known to cause inflammation, therefore, we recommend getting your minerals and vitamins from other healthy food sources such as organic produce and lean meat.

But, when applied on the skin during massage, sea salt can impart the benefit of its minerals minus the price of consuming sodium.

The magnesium in sea salt may be very beneficial as a deficiency has been reported to drive inflammation. Beyond reducing inflammation, magnesium is also involved in many bodily processes, notably energy levels, muscle contraction, and brain function.


The oil recipe is applied using a gentle massage to the affected joints. Massage in itself is a great remedy for inflammation for many reasons. One is that it helps relax your body, while also reduces stress. Stress causes a major drain on your immune system. Another, is that it helps to increase the blood flow to affected areas.

But, when you are dealing with inflammation, it is essential that your massage be gentle. Too much pressure will cause some micro tears in your muscle fibers, though this is normally fine because repairing those said tears is how stronger muscles are built. But, it also causes inflammation, which is the very thing you want to reduce in areas around painful joints.

This all natural joint pain remedy may or may not be enough to get rid of your need for pain pills, but, it can certainly reduce your depence on them, and, thereby protect you from the dangerous side effects of chemical remedies.

Applying the oil is a process that is pleasurable and calming in itself, therefore, we encourage you to set some non-negotiable time for the kind of self-care that can make a huge impact in your pain levels form day to day. Along with adequate hydration and a healthy diet, massage using sea salt and olive oil combination is one of nature’s many gifts for healing.


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