Use This Nightly Trick To Reset Your Body’s Circulation And Metabolism For The Next Day

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Our feet support the entire weight of our body, and all our movements, so they carry a huge burden and suffer constant pressure, so we need to pay more attention to their condition.

The Chinese and Egyptian cultures have relied on foot reflexology as a way to improve overall health for thousands of years, due to the belief that the feet are the center of countless points whose stimulation will directly treat different body parts and organs. 

Research has confirmed the numerous benefits of reflexology, such as improved sleep, headache relief, boosted metabolism, and stimulates the lymphatic system.

Therefore, here are several simple tips that will help you perform a relaxing foot massage before going to sleep:

  • Wash the feet with warm water, to relax them.
  • Apply a few drops of some essential oil like lavender or peppermint to your skin lotion, and use the mixture to massage the feet
  • Start with the toes, squeeze and twist each one gently, and then continue with the soles
  • Press them for a few seconds, and focus in areas that feel sore
  • Go on to the rest of the feet, and massage for at least 10 minutes. Then, put on socks, and enjoy your sleep.

If done regularly, this simple massage will help you drastically improve your health on your own. Reflexology is more of a science and requires some amount of study and practice, so after some time, if you cannot master it, you can also seek some experienced alternative health practitioner who is well-versed in the technique and fully reap the benefits of this technique.

Despite the benefits mentioned above, foot massage and reflexology will also help you regulate blood pressure, improve the function of the liver, boost nerve sensitivity, treat arthritis and depression, reduce swellings in the feet, improve energy level, improves blood circulation, treat migraines, and accelerate the healing of wounds.


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