Incredible Things Frozen Lemons Can Do for You

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Most people say that you shouldn’t waste lemon. Instead, you should also use the zest. What made people think this way? What makes freezing the lemons special?

Well, lemon can have some amazing health benefits, and it can give your food an excellent taste. Therefore, you can use it in salads, cereals, noodles, soup, ice cream, spaghetti sauce, or even deserts. The trick of consuming frozen lemons is simple.

All you have to do is freeze a whole organic lemon and grate or shred the zest. It is that simple. You don’t even have to peel it later. Moreover, by sprinkling some of the zest on food, you can completely alter the taste.

This will help you enjoy the tastiest meal you have ever made.

Why Do This?

Lemon peels contain ten times more vitamins than the lemon juice. And imagine, lemon juice already has some amazing health benefits, so this makes the peel ten times more useful. However, people usually throw away the peel and waste all the benefits it can provide.

The most amazing benefit they could get is detoxification. Lemon peel can help detoxify the body and remove all the harmful toxins better than the lemon juice can. Furthermore, according to a new study, lemons contain powerful compounds, similar to the citrus fruit.

These natural compounds can impede both ER+ and ER-breast cancer. As a result, the lemon peel can even help with breast cancer and stop the cell growth. So, this is what makes the lemon peel the ultimate ingredient.

Plus, it shares its importance with citrus fruit which makes it even more useful for preventing breast cancer. Therefore, consuming the lemon peel might decrease the chance of developing breast cancer. Also, lemon peels can have some amazing effects on tumors and cysts.

Some people believe that lemon is the best remedy against all types of cancer, not only breast cancer. But, that’s not all. Lemon peels have an anti-microbial effect against fungi and bacterial infections. Therefore, they can prove effective against worms and parasites.

Moreover, lemon peels can be useful for managing the blood pressure, stress, and nervous disorders. As studies claim, lemon can have some amazing health benefits. But, the lemon peel can be much more effective for improving the overall health of the system.

However, it is important to say that the source of this information is not named. But, some believe that it is from the largest drug manufacturers in the world. Also, they believe that the tests are still ongoing and there is not any conclusive evidence so far.

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Furthermore, this type of therapy that involves the usage of lemon peels or extract doesn’t affect the healthy cells. It only destroys the bad and harmful cancer cells.

How to Freeze Lemons

Do you want to start freezing lemons? Before you decide on freezing the lemons, you should purchase the lemons at the store that have no soft or dark spots. It is important to pick the best lemon if you want to freeze it.

If the lemon contains pesticides, it is best to wash it with a mixture of water and white vinegar to properly cleanse it. To learn more about how to properly wash fruit that contains pesticides, read here. But, the best way to avoid these problems is to purchase ORGANIC lemons.

They are healthier and don’t contain any toxins. Here is what you should do to freeze the lemons properly.

Lemon Zest

If you love preparing lemon juice every morning, you shouldn’t waste the peel. Grate it and put it in the freezer for later use. But, don’t worry about losing health benefits with freezing the peel. You won’t even lose any lemon rind oils after defrosting it.

Therefore, feel free to freeze the peel or the grated zest and mix it in some recopies.

Whole Lemons

To place a whole lemon in the freezer, you should wash it first, put it in a bag, squeeze all the air out, and seal it well. When you decide to use the lemon for making a lemon juice and enjoying all the benefits it can offer, simply defrost it.

However, have in mind that after defrosting the lemon, it becomes squashy and it is not used for decorating and slicing. So, you can only squeeze out the juice.

Lemon Juice

Freezing the lemon juice might prove useful for recipes. Or, you can even make some fresh lemon juice ice cubes. To do it, simply fill the ice cube trays with lemon juice and put them in the freezer. When the juice completely freezes, remove the ice cubes from the tray and use them in drinks.

For an even better taste, try adding a slice of mint leaf, strawberry, or a raspberry in the cube and let them freeze inside the lemon juice. These unique cubes can be a perfect decoration for gatherings and parties.

Whole Lemons Without the Zest

Do not throw away the lemon peels or zest. Also, don’t let them rot. Instead, put them in a plastic wrap or aluminum foil and put them in freezer bags. This way, your zest will not dry out, and you can use it in the recipes you love.

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Lemon Slices and Wedges

Aside from the beautiful ice cube idea, try using this way to make a perfect flavor for your drinks. All you have to do is slice up some lemons, put them on a parchment-lined baking sheet and let them freeze. When they are ready, use them in your favorite drinks.

Lemon Extract and Cancer

According to a new study, lemons contain powerful compounds, similar to the citrus fruit.

These natural compounds can impede both ER+ and ER-breast cancer. As a result, the lemon peel can even help with breast cancer and stop the cell growth. So, this is what makes the lemon peel the ultimate ingredient.

After more than 20 laboratory tests since 1970, scientists revealed that the lemon extract might be able to get rid of 12 cancers like prostate, breast, colon, pancreatic, and lung. Also, this extract doesn’t affect the healthy cells.

It only focuses on the harmful cancer cells. Therefore, make sure to add the lemon juice and lemon peel to your diet.

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