Your Profile Picture Can Say a Lot About You

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Your profile picture could mean much more than you think. According to scientists, your profile picture can reveal the type of person you are.

As a recent research paper claims, the way we present ourselves online could tell us much more about the way we are and who we want to be. That is why this research paper focused on the way we take our pictures.

To conclude these findings, researchers analyzed more than 66.000 Facebook photos and people. They concluded that looking at a simple profile picture can prove useful for revealing someone’s personality. Here are the top 5 most common personality traits that your profile picture shows.


People who are outspoken have an open mind. Their Facebook pictures are aesthetically pleasing with a lot of sharpness, saturation, contrast and no blur. Moreover, people who are outspoken like to have pictures that don’t show themselves.

This reflects their open personality trait, which means that they believe in something out of the ordinary. They love experiencing new adventures and hate living a boring life. In addition, they don’t say ‘no’ and would do anything to keep their day full.

Furthermore, outspoken people like to have a profile picture that represents their rebellious personality. If they choose to be in the profile picture, then they have either glasses on or a stern expression.


If your profile picture is always full of friends, then you are an extrovert, or in this case, outgoing. People that have this kind of eye-catching and colorful pictures are very confident and open. They love going out with friends since it makes them feel great about themselves.

Occasionally, outgoing people will choose a picture that makes them look a few years younger. But, they must always be surrounded by friends.


Punctilious people like to use more bright, vibrant, natural, and colorful profile pictures. Moreover, they like to organize things and follow a schedule. Also, they pay serious attention to detail. That is why they want their pictures to be perfect, even if they have to use blur.

After all, a perfect profile picture must be in order, rather than to look beautiful.


People with neuroticism like to take pictures of their face. But, their face has to take up more space than normal. Moreover, their pictures are not very colorful. In addition, they focus on simple photos that display a bland image of themselves. So, they value simplicity.


Agreeable people focus on more blurry pictures rather than aesthetically pleasing ones. As a result, they take very bright pictures and focus their face. Also, their pictures are low in sharpness, clarity, and contrast.

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If you take such pictures, it can mean that you are a very soft-hearted and sympathetic person.

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