How Much Do You Need to Walk to Lose Weight Fast

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Losing weight can be quite a challenge. It is a journey that can take a while. However, there might be a trick to solve this problem quickly. For best results, try to implement some healthy dietary changes.

Walking is a form of exercise that is the best for keeping the body active. Plus, it is great for boosting the metabolism and losing weight. After all, you don’t need to go to the gym to do this exercise. All you have to do is head out for a nice and relaxing walk.

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claimed in 2012, walking is the best and by far the most popular way to stay fit. Of course, if you combine it with a healthy diet, you can double its effects.

If you were wondering how much you need to walk to lose weight, you should know that it depends on the way you walk and your size. Here is what you should do to keep your body in shape.

Why Walking?

Walking is the easiest exercise you can do. It is also, relaxing, refreshing, and less exhausting than most exercises. Furthermore, people consider this exercises as crucial for the body and overall health. Also, they believe that it is excellent for burning calories, removing fats, and losing weight.

A study claims that the best way for a person to lose one pound in one week is to walk at least 250 minutes per week. In addition, that person will be able to lose 500 calories.

Measure and Calculate

It is important that you purchase a pedometer to measure and calculate your progress. Try to determine how many steps you take every day and keep track of all the calories you have lost. This will surely help you feel motivated for every pound you have lost.

How Many Steps to Take

According to fitness experts, the best way to lose weight is to walk at least 5 miles per day. In the long run, you will be able to lose a pound each week. Here are the most precise calculations:

  • Losing 1 pound = 500 calories
  • Walking 1 mile = will help you lose 100 calories
  • If you want to lose 1 pound every week, you need to lose 500 calories per day
  • To lose 500 calories per day, you have to walk 10,000 steps daily.

However, have in mind that every person is different. Therefore, each body can react differently to any change. But, if you want to start walking more often, try to walk in an open garden. This is an area where the air is much cleaner, fresher, and smells divine.

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The new beautiful environment will help the body adapt to the new change more easily. Also, if you don’t have time to take a walk, try to at least walk to your office, instead of taking the elevator. Little by little, you will be able to accomplish that 10,000 steps target and lose some weight.

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