The Shape of Your Belly Button Can Indicate Your Personality

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Do you believe that your belly button holds some secrets about your personality? Some say it does! Read below to learn what the shape of your belly button can say about your personality.

1. Belly Button No.1

You are a very kind and lovable person. You always try to help the people in need. But, many people take advantage of you because of your loving personality. That is why you should never let anyone walk all over you.

Be nice, but not with everyone. Of course, there are plenty of people who deserve your sympathy. However, be careful of the ones that are trying to use you. Also, you are quite eruptive when you need to be. Furthermore, your positive energy makes you a perfect person for taking care of children.

2. Belly Button No.2

Your fierce and powerful personality makes you unique. Even if you don’t like to show it, you are an introvert. Of course, you like spending time with other people and socializing, but, being at home gives you the most comfort, joy, and peace.

In fact, you love staying at home watching TV or reading a nice book. Furthermore, your amazing personality makes you the center of attention. Sometimes this can be a good or a bad thing for you. It all depends on your mood.

3. Belly Button No.3

You are a dreamer. You love traveling and chasing even the biggest unreachable dreams. Also, you love adventure. Furthermore, you are a magnet for people because of your interesting and alluring personality. You love telling stories that are either far-fetched or dramatic.

Even though many people like you, you try to stay with the ones that matter the most to you. You believe that this is the way to lead an ultimate life.

4. Belly Button No.4

You love being spoiled from time to time. People see you as the attractive, cute, and innocent person. However, you are not as innocent as you look. On the contrary, you value sex appeal, beauty, friendship, romance, and fun.

But, romance is what gives you the most satisfaction in life.

5. Belly Button No.5

You never give up. As a result, you will do anything to achieve your goals. Furthermore, you live a happy life. Your incredible attitude and confidence set you apart from the rest of the people. That is why you are the perfect leader that people admire.

6. Belly Button No.6

You have the ability to share and understand people’s feelings. You grasp the emotions of others as if they were your own. Also, you have a loving, kind, and generous nature. That is why people love spending time with you.

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Most likely, you are very popular with people because of your honesty and kindness.

Which belly button shape is yours? Do you agree with the results? Tell us in the COMMENTS and SHARE this post with family and friends.

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