5 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Eat Orange Peels

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It is true that orange peels contain many nutrients. As such, they can be highly beneficial for your diet and health. Plus, even adding some orange zest to baking recipes is nothing new, since they can give an excellent flavor and increase the number of calories a bit.

Even though the peel might not be as sweet and juicy as the inside of the fruit, it can still provide many health benefits. However, there is one problem that concerns us all. The chemicals. Most of the today’s fruits and veggies contain many chemicals due to spraying.

Therefore, you should only consume orange peels that are organic and are from a certified farm. Otherwise, don’t risk your health. Certified farmers only use natural pest control and weed removing methods.

So, there is nothing to worry about.

5 Major Benefits That Orange Peels Can Offer

Here are the most useful benefits of consuming orange peels.

1. Have Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Allergic Properties

The peels of any citrus fruit may be able to prevent allergic reactions, which makes them a good anti-allergic food. Furthermore, they might be able to cleanse the lungs, boost the immune system and help battle against respiratory illnesses.

The most common respiratory illnesses are the flu and cold. Because of the vitamin C that the orange peels contain, they might be able to suppress inflammation and improve various other health issues.

For example, orange peels can improve oral health, digestion, skin appearance, and even the metabolism. Moreover, they might be even beneficial for losing weight, since they can speed up the metabolism.

After all, they are low in calories and rich in fiber.

2. Anti-Cancer Properties

According to the latest research, there is a possibility that orange peels might inhibit the protein linked to obesity and cancer.

As the professor in the Division of Molecular Diabetes Research, Sanjay Awasthi, says, when you remove this protein (RLIP76), there is a possibility that you can decrease the level of cholesterol and prevent cancer.

The reason behind this is the number of flavonoids that the orange peels contain. According to research published by BioMed, citrus fruits have become more popular due to the big amount of flavonoids they contain.

As a result, many believe that the peels can have positive, or in other words, protective effects against cancer.

Therefore, if you consider all these facts, it is understandable where the belief comes from. There is a solid amount of evidence to confirm that orange peels might indeed be capable of preventing cancer or diabetes.

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3. Improve Heart Health

Orange peels are rich in flavonoids and hesperidin which can be useful for decreasing the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, stated in animal studies.

In another study, researchers confirmed that overweight and middle-aged men who consumed hesperidin in oranges had decreased diastolic blood pressure. Furthermore, the orange peels decreased the level of cholesterol better than medications could.

According to Elzbieta Kurowska, the study’s lead author, citrus flavonoids are more potent at solving the problem with cholesterol than medication. Plus, they won’t even cause any side-effects.

4. Reduce Cholesterol

As mentioned above, orange peels contain hesperidin which can help reduce fat and control the level of cholesterol in the system. As such, they can prove very beneficial for people with diabetes.

5. Combat Infections

By consuming more vitamin C, you can improve your metabolism. This method can be quite useful, especially for preventing the flu and cold. By improving your immune system, the orange peels can make your body less prone to infections.

Have you tried eating orange peels before? If not, make sure to give them a try. After all, they can’t cause any dangerous side-effects. Lastly, if you found this post helpful, make sure to share it with friends and family.

Source: Mercola | The World’s Healthiest Foods | Live Strong | Step to Health

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