This is Why You Need to Put Ice Cube on This Point 2 Times per Day

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It’s common knowledge that the most of us are fans of ice cubes in our drinks, especially on a warm day, but not everyone knows that ice cubes can also be very beneficial for our health by energizing and making us feel younger.

As a matter of fact, the trick to improve your health is to put an ice cube at a particular point of your body which is the spot where your head and neck connect.

In fact, this precise method is linked to Chinese acupuncture, and that spot that is mentioned above is called Feng Fu, that in Chinese stands for wind mansion.

Furthermore, what you need to do is to keep the ice cube for about 20 minutes on the Fen Fu point.

Even though at the beginning you will feel a freezing sensation, don’t panic, it’s completely normal. After the first minute, you will begin to feel warm on the wind mansion point.

After incorporating this procedure into your everyday life, you will start to feel euphoric, which comes as a result of the positive effects enabled by the ice cubes. It is said that they release endorphins in the blood.

Surprisingly this is not the only positive thing you will experience after adopting this practice.

Here’s a List of Some Other Health Benefits:
  • A faster metabolism
  • You will not get a cold as often as you used to
  • Improved sleeping pattern
  • An improved cardiovascular system as well as better breathing habits
  • Your headaches, toothaches and joint pains will stop being so frequent
  • Improved management of neurological problems, fewer problems with your spine
  • No problems with arthritis and blood pressure
  • Healthy thyroid gland
  • No problems with asthma
  • Loss of cellulite on the body
  • Serves as support for going through obesity as well as malnutrition
  • Fewer problems regarding mental health issues
  • Fewer problems while going through menstruation serves as help for fighting infertility, problems with endocrine glands, fights impotence as well as frigidity

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