Your Face Can Tell You Why You’re Sick

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This is an old Chinese practice that the healers way back when would use to determine what’s going on with their patients. They developed this technique so much to the point where they could determine most conditions without any error.

Face Mapping is the name the technique. This method works based on the acne that you have on your skin.

You read that right.

Based on the position of your acne, the healers could tell you what disease you’re suffering from. For today’s post we’ve discovered what the positions are and what’s the meaning behind them.


Cheeks: Smoking, touching your face too much, bacteria

T-Zone: Stress, too much alcohol of caffeine, bad circulation

Jawline, chin: Hormonal issues, too much starch in the system, too much sugar in the system


Uni-Brow Area – Liver

Having acne on the uni-brow area means that your liver is too tired from processing too much meaty products. Try cutting down on meat a little bit and see if the acne goes away. Raw fruits and veggies is a good idea.

Forehead – Bladder

This means that you’re eating too much fast food. Your system is overworked and is not getting the right nutrients it needs in order to function just fine. Fix your diet and make sure you’re getting enough water! In fact, drink up to 12 glasses of water per day.

Eye Area – Kidneys

You are dehydrated. Make sure your system is getting enough water. Water is crucial for a system clean from unnecessary and harmful toxins! Avoid alcohol and coffee for some time until you feel better as well.

Cheeks – Mouth

Acne on the cheek area is the result of poor dental hygiene. Take care for your teeth in order to avoid acne on this area!

Upper Cheeks – Lungs

Are you a smoker? Make sure to stop smoking in order to get better. Another factor for acne on this area is pollution. Don’t go out when the air is too polluted.

Nose Area – The Heart

Stop consuming a lot of salt because it’s giving you high blood pressure. Get some exercise and change up your diet in order to get better!

Chin and Mouth Area – The Stomach

Having too much alcohol? Avoid foods rich in fats and sugar and change up  your lifestyle in order to get better and improve your health status.

Neck and Jaw Area – Hormone Issue

Control what you eat and how much coffee you drink a day. Acne on this area is due to a hormonal imbalance.

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Good luck!

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