8 Ways Bananas Can Help You to Improve Your Health

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Bananas are one of the most widespread and most famous fruits in the world. This tropical fruit can be found in most households across the globe. But not only is it widespread and tasty, but it also has a range of health benefits as well.

A lot of people actually avoid bananas while dieting because they believe bananas have many calories. But that doesn’t mean you can’t consume it moderately. One hundred grams of bananas have about 90 calories. That’s literally the only “damage” bananas have.

Now that you know how harmful bananas are, it’s time to focus on the benefits.

8 Ways Bananas Can Help You to Improve Your Health

Benefits of Bananas

Regulates High Blood Pressure

If you have too much sodium in your system but not enough potassium, you’re going to experience HBP. Luckily, bananas pack lots of potassium and can help you get rid of this issue.

Boosts Your Mood

Bananas contain tryptophan as well. It’s an amino acid that turns into serotonin once digested. Who knew that bananas could make you happy?

Whitens Teeth

In this case, we will need the banana peel. Take the white inner part of the shell and rub it on your teeth, leaving no area without rubbing. In a few weeks, you will notice your whiter teeth.

Makes You Less Stressed

Thanks to the mixture of potassium and tryptophan, bananas can help you improve your mood as well. So, if you’re feeling a bit grumpy, have a banana! We bet that you would never have guessed someone would ever tell you this.

Fights Constipation

This is already common knowledge we believe, but bananas can help improve your digestion because it contains pectin. Pectin is a fiber that helps your system get rid of the toxins roaming around your digestive tract. It can also help you relieve bloating.

Gets Rid of Pre-Menstrual Symptoms

Bananas have an entire group of B-Vitamins that can help you relieve yourself from anxiety and mood swings, which are the most common pre-menstrual symptoms.

Improves Eyesight

Bananas contain vitamin A as well, which is good for promoting good eyesight. Your body needs a good dose of this vitamin to get your eyes going so you better take care of that!

Helps Overall Dieting Process

Bananas can benefit your entire system and make you feel full while dieting thanks to the number of calories that it has. It’s time to go to the local store and get some! We are extremely lucky to always have available stocks of bananas all around us.

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