Blue Java Banana: The Banana That Tastes ‘Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream’

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Blue Java bananas are probably the most delicious treat you will ever have. These bananas taste like vanilla ice cream and even have a similar consistency.

This fruit has a sweet aroma, and the name comes from the color of the peel of unripe Blue Java bananas. When ripe, the peel is pale yellow or greenish. In Fiji, they call it Hawaiian banana, in Hawaii they call it ice cream banana, and people in central America call it Cenizo.

Bananas don’t like cold areas and thrive really well in tropical spots. Most banana varieties don’t grow past an average 40F of temperature and start to die at 28F. However, Blue Java bananas can grow in cold weather conditions (20F/-7c).

Grow your own Blue Java bananas

In the US, the vanilla ice cream bananas grow well really well in USDA zones 9b through 11. Some farmers manage to grow these from zones 8 through 11. A mature Blue Java tree would grow as high as 15-20 feet in height. Is you use a pseudostem, the fruits will mature within 9 months. You can actually plant trees at different development stages.

Here are some nice tips:

— Blue Java bananas like water, and rich soil that’s mostly warm. Water the tree regularly, but try not to “drown it.”

— Fertilize. You need an NPK fertilizer made from nutrients in a ratio of 3:1:6. If your tree is one-foot, use a cup of fertilizer. Always fertilize in warm weather. Apply the fertilizer around the roots of the tree and water the particles down through the soil. Add another cup to the mix to every couple feet of height.

— Bananas like sun and it helps them germinate. Constant overcast doesn’t work with germinating plants.

— Prune any secondary shoots around rhizomes, and leave at least one shoot around the plant to stimulate the photosynthesis.

Use of Blue Java bananas

The Blue Java Bananas have wide and strong leaves. You can use them instead of parchment paper, aluminum foil or pretty much anything else you use for cooking. Use the leaves for drying, grilling, baking, boiling and steaming.

Given that these bananas taste like vanilla ice cream, you can eat them as such. Blue Java bananas are low in fat and provide a lot of energy. A 100-gram serving will give you 89 calories, 22.8 grams of carbs, and 0.3 grams of fat.

Try this single-ingredient non-dairy ice cream. All you need is Blue Java bananas! Peel the bananas, and freeze the fruit. Blend your frozen bananas, and that’s your perfect banana ice cream. It’s great for those who can’t or don’t want to eat dairy and is a much healthier alternative.

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Potassium in bananas is important for nerve cell response and proper muscles contraction. This mineral is important for your heart contraction the blood pressure levels.

Blue Java bananas can be used as regular bananas. Add them to your oatmeal cookies, banana pancakes, smoothies, banana cakes and other recipes.


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