Struggling with Mental Health? You Hold the Key to Improvement

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Thankfully, since the popularization of social media we’ve done an amazing job at destigmatizing mental health issues.

But, that doesn’t mean that the issue has completely been resolved and that no one is still struggling with getting back on track. Mental health issues are incredibly serious problems that when a person faces, it shifts the pace and look of their entire life.

Suddenly it becomes harder and harder to get up with every new morning. Daily activities and obligations start to lose sense, and you no longer have the drive to get started with what you need to do.

Luckily though it’s thanks to the time that we currently live in that we can freely and openly speak about mental health without any taboos or stigma attached to the term.

We at Smart Mind Mag believe in the importance of mental health. In order be of some kind of service to all of the troubled souls who are experiencing this issue we’ve decided to gather some tips on how to take care of your mental health.

If interested, read all about it below.

Permit Yourself to Look out for Your Best Interest

If you’re not feeling so great, do everything that you can to either take the day off and to regenerate. The feeling of guilt is nothing but a social construct and something that you’ve been taught to feel when you’re at your weakest.

Take the day off to relax and refresh yourself so that you can come back strong once again.

Escape Your Comfort Zone

It’s important not to get stuck in your comfort zone because sometimes sadness can be a comfort zone as well. Sure, scrolling through social media and watching Netflix can make you feel great. This is because it steals your attention for a longer period during the day.

But, that doesn’t mean that you have to give in to those activities and nothing but that.

TV shows will keep you up, and your phone screen is going to make you feel very groggy and tired after a little while. It’s important to do your best to challenge yourself to get out of bed and do something you’ve always wanted to but never devoted the time to.

Go for a walk in the park? Maybe go and do a little shopping? Do whatever it takes to occupy your mind enough so that you get stuck at the moment.

You Don’t Have to Go on Vacation to Have Fun

Have you ever thought about the concept of a vacation? It’s nothing but an escape from daily life. Why would you want to escape from your every-day reality so much?

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That’s kind of a dehumanizing concept.

A lot of us don’t really get to choose our dream jobs, but you should ground yourself and be thankful that you’re actually given the opportunity to generate some income in order to live your life.

This statement is kind of a double-edged sword – why would I humble myself for working for someone for a wage that’s not even enough?

Listen, we all have certain wishes and things that we desire, but look around and look at how many people are struggling even to find a job. How many people earn even less money than you.

You can do this! With time you’re going to manage to get what you want, but the road to that lifestyle has got to be paved with humbleness, ambition, and a positive yet constructive and realistic outlook at the same time.

Affirmations Are the Key to Happiness

Look, there is no one else in this world who is going to save you except for your own self. Yes, people actually can help you back on track, but you’re the only one who has got to ignite the spark and to want that help.

Once you settle for the fact that you indeed, would like some guidance, you’re going to realize that you hold the key to all of the answers that you could possibly want and need. Soon you’re going to become your own savior, and you’re going to feel so proud for allowing yourself to heal and to get better.

Be Vocal About Your Struggles

If you’ve noticed that most of these tips are not only to help you get better, but they’re also traits that if you use to your advantage, they’re going to make you a trailblazer. By being open, you’re going to realize the psychological traits of speaking out.

You’re going to stop feeling the need to have secrets, and you’ll slowly start noticing yourself having less and less shame about what you’re going through. Not only that, but you’re going to develop closer relationships and stronger bonds with the people in your life.

And Therapy [?]

Are you avoiding to seek therapy because of bad experiences with therapists? Maybe you didn’t hear the things that you wanted to or the person was just kind of not really good at their job? We understand you.

But, nowadays there’s a whole entire new spectrum of types of therapy that you could choose from.

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Do your research and find the right therapist for you. Be open about what you’re going through, and you’ll start noticing a change after the first few sessions.

Speak to Your Boss If You Have To

If your mental state is influencing your work negatively, or if you’re working too much, don’t hesitate. Go to your boss and tell them what you’re going through. If anything they’re going to find your action noble, fair and wise.

It’s not about establishing a close relationship with your boss; it’s about doing what’s right for you. You’re going to be surprised at how many people are surprisingly human.

Your Obligations Do Not Define You

It’s absolutely amazing if you’re devoted to your job. Hats off to you! You’re making that money, paying the bills and building your resume. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to put everything into play just because of your work.

If you don’t get enough rest your body is slowly going to start to decline. You don’t want that. Make the time to allow your system to recharge so you can get back to being the hard worker that you are!

Good luck.

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