Are Diet Drinks Making You Fatter?

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Visiting McDonald’s for breakfast and ordering a diet coke is not going to help you lose weight.

But, this is not due to be at McDonald’s. A new study conducted by Yale University says these “diet” drinks only confuse your brain and so you become fatter.

According to the study, the diet drinks contain sweeteners and do not have enough calories. So, this makes your brain confused and provokes chemical reactions that make you even more hungry, and you eat more.

Your metabolism is out of control, and that is not good news for people who want to lose weight.

This is due to the fact that not all calories are the same.As Childish Gambino says, they are ‘faker than some Sweet ’n’ Low.’

According to the explanation by Dana Small, it is not true that consuming more calories will make your metabolism better. Except for calories, the taste of sweetness is what contributes.

Actually, these unnaturally sweet drinks might provoke your metabolism more than drinks that contain calories.

As a matter of fact, besides making you obese, this can put you at risk of getting diabetes.

Tam Fry works for the NOF (National Obesity Forum), said that these unnatural ingredients in food or drinks could make you unhealthy, as much as it sounds healthy. Even though these products do not contain calories, they may give a bad consequence, such as diabetes. She hopes we will believe it.

Apparently, this includes every food that is full of unnatural sugars such as yogurts with a small number of calories.

How did they find this out? They gave drinks of different calories to fifteen people and used an MRI machine to measure the responses of their brains

According to Professor Small, human brains may be able to learn a different reaction to these unnatural ingredients. So, this might change in future.

However, do not hold your breaths that this may change in a little while. These sweeteners are still new to our human bodies, so consume water.

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