Prevent Painful Bunions Only by Using a Hair Band… and 7 Other Tips!

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With age and thanks to uncomfortable shoes, more and more people keep developing bunions. “What is a bunion?” – Someone might ask, completely unaware of how lucky they are they don’t ever get to experience this type of discomfort and pain.

Bunions are deformities that usually occur on the joint that’s situated between the foot and your big toe. It turns into a big lump, and suddenly you can’t even fit your shoes, and if you do happen to still fit in them, it’s going to hurt, a lot.

For that reason, we’ve decided to help you take care of this issue by using natural methods, without having to pay lots of money for unnecessary chemicals or doctors.

If interested, read all about it below!

Exercise Your Feet

Make sure that you’re giving your feet a good workout so that they get enough blood flow and remain active. Look up exercises for your feet online, take off your shoes and devote at least 10 minutes a day for your feet! Thanks to exercise you’re no longer going to get those painful cramps as well.

You can do it anytime, anywhere, so there’s no excuse!

Use a Hair Band

Interestingly enough you can use a regular hair band to treat bunions! Take the strong elastic and loop it all over your big toe, gently pulling apart afterward. By doing this, you’re going to keep your joints straight, and it’s going to help decompress them as well.

Invest In Good Shoes

We get it, you think those sneakers are pretty cool looking, and you want to get yourself a pair, even though they don’t have your size.

You’ve done this before, so you don’t care about anything else! It turns out this is the main cause for bunion development, so don’t sacrifice your body’s health for a pair of shoes!

Take Care of Your Skin

You might get a blister or two thanks to the bunions. Make sure your skin is nice and moisturized so that the blisters don’t cause more dangerous skin irritation. The area needs to be washed clean every single day as well.

Stretch Your Toes

As you read at the beginning of the post, your toes need to be stretched out and decompressed. Get a toe stretcher. This is going to provide you with incredible relief, and you’ll thank us later.

Massage Your Toes and Feet

Who doesn’t like a massage? Make sure to give your foot and toes a little massage after a long day of work. This is going to improve your blood circulation thus providing immediate relief to the area as well.  Rub the area that’s in between your toes. It’s going to make you feel very comfortable.

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Ice It Up

If the pain gets a little too unbearable, get some ice and ice the area. This is going to lower the amounts of swelling and eliminate some of the redness as well.

Consult a Professional

If the pain gets too unbearable, give in and go see a doctor! He will provide you with the absolute best way of eliminating your problem for good.

Good luck!

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