Don’t Marry the Person That Has These 15 Habits

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Marrying someone is not a game. Marriage should be a unity where both couples love and care for each other. Better yet, they respect one another. But what if that person who you love dearly, doesn’t want people to see him or her with you?

Even if that person is sweet and kind when you are alone, but in front of others, he or she is ashamed of you. Could this be your worst nightmare? That is why you should take your time to decide whether that person is the right one for you.

Even though you have been together for a very long time, that doesn’t mean that your partner is exempt from these bad habits. Here are the worst 15 habits that a partner could have.

1. Abusive

No one deserves to be abused. That is why you should stay away from the person who causes you harm, even if you dearly love him or her. Love is not violence. You shouldn’t deal with someone who only knows how to show love through pain.

If you believe you can change your partner, that is alright. But, if there is no way back, it is best to stay away from him or her or ask for help. After all, the worst partner out there is the one that tries to control you with anger and fear.

2. Makes Sure That You Fight

If your partner keeps the fights alive at all times and doesn’t know a different way to express their emotions besides arguing, it is best to stay away from him or her. This way you won’t submerge your relationship in negative energy, and you will feel happier.

Remember, marriage is unity, and both partners should learn to respect each other. If there is no way for a normal discussion and way to resolve problems peacefully, then you should move away and avoid all the stress.

3. Lies

Does your partner lie even about the simplest things? Remember, even the simplest lies that might seem cute can affect your relationship. Therefore, you should confront your partner and make sure you get the truth.

In marriage, it is important that both sides are honest, especially if they want to form a family. So, you shouldn’t break each other’s trust and damage the confidence of the partner. Instead, you should rely on each other and work together to solve any problem.

4. The Affairs Are Immature

The way he or she deals with people can affect the partner, or in this case, you. It is important to know whether your partner makes hasty decisions and regrets them later. Whatever the case, affairs can highly damage the marriage.

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If you constantly face this problem in your relationship and you still want to marry your partner, you should know that there is a high possibility that this behavior will continue even after marriage. Be careful.

5. Relationship Is a Game

If your partner thinks that your relationship is only a game and he likes to go wild despite all the rules you have given him or her, you shouldn’t consider marriage.

The reason for this is because even after marriage, your partner will keep doing the same naturally, without any concern about you and your feelings. As a result, you will never receive any respect and appreciations. Even after all the chances, you have given to your partner.

6. You Are Not Important

It is very difficult if only one of the partner in the relationship cares about the other one. It is important that you share the love and care for each other. Otherwise, marriage is pointless. After all, you will have to live together with the person you choose to marry.

Therefore, an empty connection is not healthy for a marriage. One-sided love is never the key. That is why you should marry someone who will care about you as you care about him or her.

7. Breaks Promises Constantly

It is alright to make a mistake, but to keep making them is unreasonable.

If your partner keeps breaking every promise, it is obvious that he or she is making a fool out of you. Therefore, you should find someone who will appreciate and respect you, not someone who will keep breaking your heart over and over again.

8. Excessive Excuses

Every day there is something that your partner should have done with you, but something came up. He or she just had to do the most important thing, and that is not spending time with you. This should be a red flag for you.

Don’t plan a marriage with someone who doesn’t even plan on spending a moment with you.

9. Narrow-Mindedness

An open-minded person can understand you better. So, stay away from someone who will restrain you at all times, even when you want to do normal things. Nevertheless, your partner will mistrust you and fill you with negative energy.

That is why you should be with someone who will understand you, and let you do the things you love.

10. He or She Is Always Right

If your partner doesn’t want to listen to a single idea you have and thinks that he or she is always right, you should stay away. It is cruel to force you to do the things you don’t want to do, just because they believe it is the right thing to do.

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Therefore, you should focus on a person who sees their own mistakes and tries to fix them, rather than to fix you.

11. Clingy

You should focus on a mature partner who will be ready for marriage, not someone who is full of insecurities. But, someone who is way too independent is not alright either. So, you should have a partner who you can communicate with and work together.

12. Your Stories Don’t Matter

Even if your partner is a great talker, that doesn’t mean that he or she cares about you. That is why when your partner interrupts the moment you start talking about your experiences and events that happened.This means that your partner doesn’t care.

That conversation is just not on their list. However, it is important that you communicate in marriage, especially if you want it to work.

13. Hates Your Family

Of course, some people simply can’t get along with their families. But, hating them for no good reason, is not alright. After all, it is important to acknowledge the fact that you choose your friends not family.

Therefore, it is important to find a person who will respect your family the way you respect them. This way, you can avoid any drama and stress.

14. Smokes

Smoking is bad, but if one partner smokes and the other doesn’t, it can start some problems. When you have a child, the partner who doesn’t smoke will want to keep the baby away from the dangerous and harmful chemicals, but there is nowhere to go.

The partner who smokes will do it anywhere in the house. So, arguments and fights will start.

15. Hates Animals

It is alright not to like to keep animals at home, but to beat them and torment them is something no person should ever do. If a person is cruel to a living being, it can be cruel to you too. That is why you should stay away from a partner like this.

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