Baking Soda – The True Enemy of The Pharmaceutical Industry

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Baking Soda has acquired quite the audience and loyal following thanks to all of its incredible benefits. From helping you out with cleaning and other errands around the house to helping you boost and improve your health state – there’s almost nothing baking soda can’t do.

People even claim that it helps them a lot during their cancer treatment. There are so many reasons to use baking soda. If we tried to write it all here it would probably be a very long post.

Sodium bicarbonate, which is what baking soda is made of is perfectly safe to use because it’s a substance that already exists in nature and is not something that some scientist made in a lab. You can find it anywhere, from the soil to some foods that we eat, to our bodies, all across nature, and even the ocean.

People have been using baking soda for decades. Some doctors even use it to prevent excess radiation during treatment of cancer patients because it can destroy their kidneys. They also use it to reduce chemotherapy agents toxicity.

Saving Millions of Lives Every Day

If you drink lots of water, you consume lots of bicarbonate. This substance literally saves millions of lives per day.

People also treat asthma when children are experiencing too many issues with it and if the asthma is life-threatening. This is done with bronchodilators and corticosteroids.

Treating cancer patients with sodium bicarbonate also promotes anti-tumor activity, according to university students in Arizona. This resulted from an experiment by using mice. Another interesting discovery is that baking soda actually increases the pH of the tumor, which makes it a bit more alkaline, also preventing metastases from happening spontaneously.

Unfortunately, baking soda works best when the environment is non-acidic, and nowadays there’s been an incredible increase in the toxicity of the foods that we buy and consume.

All that it takes is to lower the intake of foods with high levels of toxicity. If you’re ever in some kind of health trouble, make sure to speak to a professional about how you can use baking soda to your advantage in order to get better.

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