10 Ingredients You Should Never Put on Your Face

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Are you in a hurry and have to put something on your face right after a shower? Turns out it’s better not to do that and leave your face as it is.

Wondering why? If interested, read more about it below. Some of these ingredients can irritate your face terribly.

Ingredients to Never Play With

Hair Spray

This is an old show-girl trick. They used to believe that you can use hairspray instead of setting spray to set your makeup. Regardless of its effect, you should never spray hairspray on your face because it contains ingredients like alcohol and lacquers that are going to dry out your skin which is going to speed up the process of aging.


People often use deodorant instead of setting spray as well. Again, this is a terrible idea. Deodorant closes the pores on your skin stopping it from getting the needed air. Just invest in a nice setting spray that you can find anywhere, from the drug store to huge retail stores around your town.

Hair Color

Never put hair dye on your eyebrows in order to match your hair. The dye is going to irritate your skin and make your eyes water and feel like they’re burning. Just go to the drug store and get a brow filler that matches your hair color for a couple of dollars.

Vegetable Shortening

Using vegetable shortening can help your treat psoriasis. However, putting it on your face can be a bit too much because it’s going to clog your pores and trigger acne development.


Using shampoo to clean your face and body is going to leave your skin feel incredibly dry and flaky. The shampoo is meant for removing dirt and oil from your hair, which is why it has a different set of ingredients instead of regular soap.

You can invest in a good soap or maybe a cleanser instead.

Hair Serum

Hair Serums are going to dry out your skin and irritate it as well because it contains fragrances that are not meant to be applied to bare skin. You should always follow the directions that are in the package of the product. If it only mentions hair, then use it for your hair only. Chemicals are not something that you should mess around with.

Body Lotion

Body lotions have a thick consistency and are not meant to be applied to the face. It can cause irritation and pore-clogging.  Invest in a facial cream that doesn’t have such a thick consistency, and that will not smother your face with its texture.

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Foot Cream

It says foot on the package – which should be a complete and total no-brainer. Just skip applying the cream on your face if you don’t have anything else lying around instead. Foot creams have too much of a thick consistency in order to be applied to the face. They are often exfoliators as well, which would dry out and irritate your face terribly.

Nail Polish

If its Halloween or you need to paint your face with crazy colors fast, just run to the drug store and get some proper make-up for it. Nail polish is going to dry out your skin terrible and irritate it as well.


Even though people recommend using vinegar as a face toner, the longer you keep it in your cabinet, the stronger it’s going to become, which is going to dry out your skin more and more. It’s always a better idea to go and invest in the real thing at the store.


There’s a lot of DIY face masks claiming that mayonnaise can hydrate your skin. Well, that is completely incorrect. Mayonnaise is acidic and it’s going to clog your pores. Clogged pores promote aging and acne development.

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