Natural Vasodilators: Top 7 Foods to Help Improve Blood Circulation

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Vasodilators are medications that are used to open up blood vessels and prevent heart-related health conditions. But, there are also various natural vasodilators that can increase blood flow and dilate vessels.

Nitric oxide is a strong vasodilator and is something you can get from L-arginine and flavonoid-rich foods. There are various natural vasodilator foods to choose from. Below are some of the best natural vasodilator food options.

Nitric oxide can reduce blood pressure, while also preventing stroke and artery blockage. Boosting your nitric oxide levels with food is sometimes a preferred option. You are bound to find something on the below list of natural vasodilators that you can enjoy, no matter what your taste buds are like.

7 Best Natural Vasodilators to Increase Blood Flow:

1. Citrus Fruit

Various scientific studies have reported that vitamin C naturally boosts the production of nitric oxide. Due to this, it can successfully help you reduce your high blood pressure and dilate your blood vessels. Also, because citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin C, it is worth consuming daily.

Mandarins, grapefruits, lemons, limes, and oranges should become part of you everyday diet, if you are looking for a natural vasodilator. Also, do not forget that vitamin C contains wonderful anti-aging qualities, that will keep your skin and body organs young for longer.

2. Cold Water Fish (Most Especially Salmon)

Salmon and its gang of cold water fish including cod, tuna, etc are well known by many due to their excellent omega-3 fatty acid content. Omega-3 is beneficial for overall blood vessel health, and also for healthy blood flow, but this macro friendly food has more going on for itself.

In particular, is the presence of a molecule called coenzyme Q-10. This important biological molecule contains numerous functions, but, relating to promoting vasodilation, it improves blood vessel function, helps to relax arteries, and prevent the breakdown of the nitric oxide molecule itself.

What this means is that it is capable of exerting its vasodilatory effect for a longer time. This makes it a great addition to this group of natural vasodilators. Also, cold water fish are very dense in fat and protein.

3. Garlic

Garlic is a traditional remedy to viral and bacterial infections. But, there are various scientific studies which have proven that garlic is a strong vasodilator too.

Garlic contains the ability to improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and support the formation of nitric oxide. Due to this, garlic significantly reduces the risk of a cardiovascular disease development upon regular consumption.

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4. Ginger

Ginger is known to be one of the best natural vasodilators. It has been used in India as a preventive measure and solution to various health problems for ages. Ginger is a strong antioxidant, which helps boost the production of nitric oxide.

Ginger, when regularly used, can effectively open up your blood vessels, and because of this, it is a known remedy to cardiovascular diseases, stomach problems and inflammation of the internal organs. Also, it is believed to help restore sexual vitality, and due to this, it is recommended to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED).

5. Kale and Spinach

Kale and spinach belong to the group of dark, leafy green vegetables, which are a great source of vitamin K. This nutrient is important in maintaining healthy blood vessels due to its ability to reduce oxidative stress and thin your blood.

Also, spinach is loaded with nitrates, which improve the production of nitric oxide. Also, it contains lots of iron, which supports transporting oxygen around your body. Additionally, kale is loaded in magnesium, antioxidants, and coenzyme Q10.

6. Pomegranate

This fruit is capable of reducing inflammation, boosting nitric oxide, and reducing oxidative stress, which are all factors related to coronary artery disease. The polyphenols present in pomegranate help convert nitrite into nitric oxide, thereby, making it a viable natural vasodilator.

7. Walnuts

This nut is rich in L-arginine, therefore, it can keep blood vessels open. Also, many other nuts are good sources of L-arginine. Nutritionists suggest soaking nuts for at least 5-6 hours before consuming them.

If you are not fond of walnuts, you can consider cashews, almonds, Brazil nuts, pine nuts, or macadamia nuts.


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