9 Things Your Kids Should Hear From You More Often

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Children can sometimes be very simple to figure out. All they need is proper communication and of course, love. A child needs to hear loving words from you that will show care and encouragement. But, sometimes parents forget to say these simple words.

Instead, they believe that buying their kids toys, playing with them, and taking them to watch movies is enough. But, it isn’t. According to studies, children who have proper communication with their parents have a more successful life.

Also, they seem to be more confident than the rest of their peers. If you want to make a change, here are the nine things you should definitely say to your child more often.

1. I Trust You

Trust is a crucial part of every relationship, even with your children. Therefore, you need to show your child that you trust them completely. In fact, that will increase their confidence and happiness. In addition, the children will think twice before doing something irrational or impulsive.

2. I’m Proud of You

Show your child that you are proud of everything they have achieved. In this extremely competitive world we live in, it is important to show your child that it is worth winning something. Even if that something is a simple action, like cleaning the room.

3. I’m on Your Side

Tell your child this sentence as often as you can. It is important for them to know that you will support and be there for them no matter what. This way, your child will lean on more on you and will be honest if they have done something wrong.

4. You Can Do It

When children are little, they need their parents the most. That is why you should give your child confidence and constantly encourage them to become confident individuals. Otherwise, your child won’t believe in his or her talents and will give up easily.

That is why you should be there to always root for them no matter the situation. After all, this will make your child more happier than you can possibly imagine.

5. Things Are Going To Be Okay

Life can be difficult, and kids should know that. They should be aware that things won’t always turn out the way they want to. But, it is up to the parents to help their little ones understand and learn from their failures.

Moreover, they should teach them to deal with these failures by moving forward and never giving up.

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6. I Love You

Obviously, children need to know that they are loved. And what better way to show it, than to tell them every day. Therefore, you don’t need to hesitate to express the love you feel for them. Spend as much time as you can with your children and shower them with love.

7. How Was Your Day?

Whenever your child comes home from school, don’t forget to ask how their day was. Make it a habit of talking to your child about their day-to-day experiences. Even the most mundane conversations can become interesting.

In the end, your child will trust you more.

8. Thank You

Make sure to teach your child to appreciate everything that you have given him. But, for your kid to learn to do this, you will have to do it as well. Don’t forget, children copy their parents, so whatever you do, will reflect on your child’s behavior.

9. Can You Help Me?

Never hesitate to show your child your fears and weaknesses. You may think they are not something your child might want to know, but it will surprise you how many unique solutions and ideas your child might come up with to solve your problems.

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