Husbands Stress Women More Than Children

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Many women constantly complain about their husband’s behavior. Why is that? Why are there so many failed marriages and constant arguing?

Well, according to studies, most women don’t simply gossip about their husbands but are really stressed out by them. Even though it is a popular belief to blame the stress on the children, in reality, the tension comes from the husband.

Of course, for this kind of outcome, the husband is not the only guilty one. On the contrary, this means that the couple doesn’t solve their problems together, as they should. Instead, they complicate their relationship and make the marriage stressful more each day.

Well, here is the reason for this problem and how you can fix it.

Lack of Support

The most crucial thing in a marriage is the need for support. If one partner doesn’t support the other one, the parenting won’t function properly. As a result, the couple will have a difficulty properly upbringing, training, and teaching their child.

In the end, the full responsibility and the weight of raising the child falls on the mother. But, as surveys claim, husbands cause more stress for women compared to their children. Around 45% of mothers support these claims.

Why Does It Happen?

Well, when a woman chooses her partner and plans to form a family, they rarely ask their husbands if they are ready to put everything aside and contribute to their children. Women believe that it will somehow work out.

However, most husbands focus on their ideas and things they want to do, so they leave the work of raising a child to their wife. If you look at this problem from this perspective, the answer is obvious. It would be a surprise if this didn’t happen.

Of course, there are exceptions. But, most of the time, women claim that they lack support from their husbands for raising the children. Men, on the other hand, defended themselves by claiming that the problem lies in the fact that women don’t ask for help.

Therefore, men believe that their wife has everything under control. However, women want men to be the ones who won’t need a reminder to take care of their child. They claim that men shouldn’t wait to be called. Instead, they should come and help willingly.

In conclusion, there is lack of proper communication and a lot of misunderstandings from both sides.

Husbands Demand Recognition

According to another survey, 1,500 fathers interviewed claimed that they took care of their children together with their partner. However, 75% of 2,700 mothers interviewed, claim that they raised their child on their own.

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Furthermore, other fathers believe they were wounded for having a secondary role in the family. As a result, they want to be recognized by their wife for what they have done for the family. However, their wife never gives them any encouragement or recognition.

In conclusion, once again, lack of communication. Also, some women have set their expectations too high and believe that what they are doing is right and the husband is wrong. But, that is not true. Both parents equally love their children and take care of them.

How to Solve This Problem?

Counseling can be very helpful. However, if you don’t want to spend time and want to solve this problem by yourselves, here is something that might help you.

1. Communicatie

Communication is the key. Whenever you feel there is something wrong with your partner, try to talk things through. But, don’t jump to conclusions before he or she finishes their side of the story. Instead, listen, and try to find a solution to the problem without judging each other.

If you don’t talk, you will never know what the problem is, and you will never face it. So, be the one who will take the first step, and try to communicate.

2. Let the Husband Contribute

Let the husband take some of the load off your shoulders. Being a mother is hard, but remember that you are not alone. Tell your husband that you need help and let him help you. In the end, you will be immensely grateful for having such a caring husband.

This way, you will strengthen your relationship and set it in the right direction.

3. Proper Planning

Make a plan and write it down on a list. Write about all the household chores and split them according to the comfort of every party. Write down a proper schedule and give your partner time to complete them.

However, if your partner forgot to do something from the list, don’t blame them for failing, instead, encourage them to do it next time. This way, you will reduce al the stress you are feeling, and your partner will be happy and satisfied.

4. Put a Spark In the Relationship

When you have your children, you rarely spend any time with your partner. This will put a huge strain on the relationship. That is why you should focus on your love and spending more time together. In the long run, you will immensely strengthen the relationship.

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To do this, commit a certain time to each other. Plan to go somewhere together, and repair the connection you lost. In the end, you will be able to solve all the challenges and form a strong partnership.

5. Women Step Back a Little

Mothers, it is alright to spend some time for yourself. Don’t force yourself to make the perfect decision. Making some mistakes is normal. Don’t create a crazy full-detailed schedule that will consume your entire day.

Instead, do something that makes you happy. After all, if you are not happy, you will never make your children happy. Let your husband lend a hand and relax a little. Remember, you are not in it alone. You have chosen someone to be at your side. So, let him be!

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