Secrets For Raising a Good Kid

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Today, most parents find it easier to give their children phones, iPods, computers and other amazing gadgets from a very young age. It makes it easier this way to keep children interested and let the parents have more time for themselves.

Only a few years ago, children went outside, played in the field, communicated. But, today, many parents raise their children much differently. Is this wrong? Are we missing something?

Well, according to psychologists from Harvard University, it is sometimes important to pay attention to the basic principles of raising a well-adjusted child. In order to conclude their research, psychologists focused on determining what makes a child good, and what is the best way to raise one.

5 Tips for Raising a Good Child

Here is what psychologists recommend you should do if you want to raise your child properly.

1. Spend More Time Together

Spending more time with your children is important. Don’t let the phones, computers or other gadgets replace the bond you, as a parent, should form with your child. Start listening to their problems, talk to each other, and play together.

It is important to show your child that you care. Besides, what you want is for the child to learn from their mistakes and build their path in life. But, you have to be a stepping stone, always there to help.

2. Encourage Gratitude and Appreciation

A child that acknowledges and respects the roles of other people in their life is a good and grateful child. Therefore, don’t spoil them. This way, children will most likely be compassionate, helpful, generous, and forgiving.

Moreover, by learning to appreciate the people who do their best and contribute to their life, the children can become happier and not spoiled. Therefore, you should teach them appreciation, gratefulness, and compassion.

3. Be a Role Model

It is important to be someone that your child can look up to. When children are young, they see what their parents do and copy them. Therefore, it is important for a parent to be a strong leader for their children. Otherwise, they might repeat the same mistakes you did, a long time ago.

So, focus on becoming polite, honest, fair, if you want to teach your child the same traits. Otherwise, your teaching won’t work. If you break your own rules, the child will not respect your judgment and won’t show any respect for your teachings.

To make your teaching worth it, you have to earn your child’s respect. This is the only way to obtain their complete attention and appreciation.

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4. Create a Bigger Picture

It is important to teach your kids to think about the bigger picture.

Even though most children empathize with their close family circle, it is still important for them to meet new people and friends. This includes adapting to the new changes when they start going to school, and even meeting new people that don’t speak the same language as them.

Furthermore, it is important that they think about how their actions will reflect on the world around them. This way, they will learn to consider the consequences before they do anything drastic that might hurt someone.

Also, you should never justify their wrongdoings. This way, they will learn to think about how their actions affected their friends or the other children around them. In other words, teach your children to develop a broad perspective and expand their circle of friends.

This way they can develop and expand their experiences. Lastly, talk with them about their future, plans or what they want to do. Teach them what might happen if they try to implement a certain change. However, let them decide if what they are doing is wrong.

5. Caring and Compassion

It is important to teach your child to be caring and compassionate. Show them that caring for others can be more than rewarding. Teach them that it is the right thing to look out for someone and not hurt the people they love or know.

Remind your child that when they get old, someone will be there around them to help. But, that someone will come only if you have been nice to them. Teach your child that they have to earn respect from other people by lending a hand.

To do this, the child needs to grow in a caring environment. Children need to learn to bond and socialize properly rather than to be selfish and focused on their own needs. The parent needs to be the first to show compassion and care so that their child will do the same.

Show your child that helping others brings you joy. This is the only way to inspire a child to care for others.

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