What are the Signs You’re In a Relationship With An Enlightened Woman

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Enlightened women have an air of humble confidence about them; they know what they want, but they won’t trample over others to get it. It’s quite rare to come across an enlightened woman in our world, but you will know it when you do. She will have a deep understanding of herself, which helps her relate to others better.

When you meet her, she will feel like a breath of fresh air; you’ll feel rejuvenated and calm at the same time. Simply put, an enlightened woman knows herself on a deep spiritual level, and this makes her seem otherworldly and enticing. If you’re in a relationship with this type of woman, consider yourself lucky, because finding this in any person is like discovering a needle in a haystack.

Here Are 5 Signs You’re In A Relationship With An Enlightened Woman:

  1. She Takes Time To Listen To Her Inner Self.

An enlightened woman knows that quieting her mind will help her tap into the endless energy within her soul. Even if she only has five or ten minutes, she uses this time to rebalance and calm her energy, whether through yoga, meditation, or some other relaxing practice.

She realizes that this chaotic world requires a person to remain centered at all times so as not to become frazzled and frantic. In other words, emitting her own calm energy instead of matching the world’s energy has become a top priority for her because it helps her remain sane and spiritually healthy. If you’re in a relationship with this type of woman, make sure to give her the time and space she needs to reconnect with herself on a daily basis.

  1. She Follows Her Dreams No Matter What Other People Think.

People view an enlightened woman as fierce and assertive, yet gentle and humble. She knows what she wants and doesn’t have a problem going after it, but she doesn’t trample over others to achieve her goals, either. This woman doesn’t care about following the masses. She won’t be shaken by anyone who doesn’t agree with her goals.

She marches to her own beat and wants everyone else to do the same. However, the enlightened woman knows that it takes a certain level of self-realization and confidence to achieve what you want in life, so she doesn’t have a “holier than thou” attitude about following her dreams. She simply stays in her own lane and focuses on pleasing her inner child.

If you’re in a relationship with this type of woman, support her goals and help her achieve her dreams, because she will certainly do the same for you.

  1. The Enlightened Woman Takes Her Own Path In Life And Forms Her Own Beliefs.

This type of woman creates her own rules in life and doesn’t care what other people have to say about it. She knows that if everyone does something in a certain way, then she should probably do it a little differently. She follows her heart regardless of what the mainstream does; she doesn’t care about fitting into a mold or falling in line.

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For example, she might want to travel the country instead of getting a “normal” job, so she’ll do whatever it takes to make her dreams a reality. Many people know her as a free spirit because of her insatiable appetite for freedom and independence.

Being in a relationship with this type of woman requires you to fully know yourself and feel comfortable with your beliefs, because she certainly doesn’t hold back her opinions.

  1. She Treats Everyone How She Wants To Be Treated.

Just because she wants to live a certain way, she doesn’t bash others for living differently than her. No matter where a person comes from in life, she treats them with respect and kindness. Part of being enlightened means that you have a certain energy about you and realize that you can treat people with kindness even if they don’t show it back.

The enlightened woman knows that she has a responsibility to “be the change” and carries out her duties on a daily basis. She is deeply in touch with herself and the universe and knows that showing kindness whenever possible will help the world shift into a higher vibration.

Being in a relationship with this type of woman is truly special because she doesn’t care only about herself; she shows compassion toward everyone, even if they can’t or won’t reciprocate. Consider yourself lucky if you’ve found an enlightened woman because she is an absolute pleasure to be around.

  1. She Embraces The Future And The Unknown.

Most people fear the future because of the unknown, but this gets her blood pumping. Knowing that life can change for the better in an instant fills her with a sense of wonder and curiosity because the enlightened woman knows that the possibilities in the future are endless. She doesn’t try to predict the future because that is a fruitless endeavor; instead, she simply embraces the present and looks forward to what might happen later.

She looks at life as a never-ending opportunity to learn valuable lessons. So, even if something doesn’t go her way, she accepts the negatives and looks for the silver lining. When something positive happens, she celebrates and takes time to show her thanks for being alive on this beautiful planet.

As you can see, an enlightened woman doesn’t shy away from life or look at all the bad things occurring on the planet. She will continue to hold hope in her heart and practice positive thinking in order to keep her mind healthy and balanced.

Other Traits Of An Enlightened Woman:

  • She Doesn’t Try To Change You.

The enlightened woman embraces everything about you, because she wants you to feel comfortable in your own skin. She has removed all the obstacles and blockages in her life in order to become her best self, so she holds space for you to do the same. No matter what you believe or what you like and dislike, she finds you fascinating and likes you for who you are.

  • She Enhances Your Life.

The enlightened woman adds value to your life and shows you things you never thought possible. She makes you feel carefree and happy because she doesn’t let the little things get her down. This woman holds her head high and brushes the mishaps and negative experiences to the side.

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She brings you to the highest heights in life and makes you feel like you’re flying high above all the problems in the world. Her energy and way of being make you feel this way, and it helps you discover new parts of yourself that may have lain dormant before.

  • She Looks At Life In The Same Way As You.

You bond over your outlook on life, and chances are, you both have a positive viewpoint on the world. Because you both believe you can change whenever you want, you can become your best selves. You don’t get hung up on what might hold you back in life, because you choose to see the positives. While you may not agree on everything in life, the enlightened woman will help you open up and find the very best parts of yourself.

  • The Enlightened Woman Can Carry Deep, Meaningful Conversations With You.

You may have passed up women in the past because they didn’t have the depth you desired, but the enlightened woman is an exception. She can talk for hours about things that most people won’t, such as aliens, philosophy, religion, travel, and “deeper” topics such as what shaped her to become the person she is today. You become enthralled with her because of her openness and conversational skills, and it keeps you coming back for more.

She and you can talk for hours on the phone or in person, and the conversation seems to fly by. You always hang up or leave the coffee shop wanting more time with her.

  • She Doesn’t Need Saving.

Perhaps one of the most obvious aspects of this woman is the fact that she does perfectly fine on her own. Instead of dragging you down with heavy energy and desperation, she sees you as an addition to her already beautiful life. She feels totally comfortable on her own and doesn’t need anyone to save her. This level of confidence helps her maintain healthy relationships when she finds someone she bonds with.

You will never feel like you have to save her because she’s done this herself.

Final Thoughts On Being In A Relationship With An Enlightened Woman

An enlightened woman is a diamond in the rough, a ray of sunshine in a stormy sky. She lifts you up and shows you different aspects of life and ways of looking at things that were previously hidden from you. She helps you discover yourself in a new light, and you complement each other perfectly.

If you’ve found this type of woman, hold onto her, because the future will only get better with her by your side.


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