An Experienced Butcher Admits: “When We See Cancer Growths In The Pork, We Just Cut It And Sell It To Customers”

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The body parts of the animals we choose to eat are littered with cancer tumors. And one butcher admits that when they see cancer growths, they just cut it off and sell it anyway, first to save money and also because customers do not see the entire animal corpse anyway!

A butcher shocked the internet, recently, by saying that when they come across cancer in pig corpses, he and many other butchers cut it out, and put it for sale as normal. So if you are still eating animal body parts from your local supermarket or restaurant, you might want to reconsider your diet choices.


The only way to be 100% sure about what you eat is by growing your food and eating only at home. This is way harder if you eat animals and live in the city. However, many people have reported that since they switched to a whole food plant-based diet, they feel much better with more energy.

Animal proteins are the most expensive parts of a person’s meal, and many doctors suggest that we can get more than enough from plants. Today, we are lucky to have animal alternatives that you should never have to worry about eating cancerous pig body parts from the grotesque profession of the butcher.

Buying animal body parts straight from a butcher, as you can see, is not synonymous with quality products. Cutting animals apart is expensive. And this particular butcher is open about the process the animal goes through before selling. Of course, no butcher would throw an entire carcass away just because there was a problem with one body part since they’re in the business of making money.

There are no laws that obligate butchers to tell consumers about cancer growth in the animals they eat. This announcement will come as a further blow to animal eaters who have seen their diets fall out of favor in recent years because of the rise of veganism or adopting plant-based wholefood eating plans.

People who abstain from eating animals typically say that it just makes sense and they feel much better when they choose a whole food plant-based diet.

A recent study in the U.S brought up some worrying statistics about animal parts sold and packaged in the country. Hot dogs labeled as pork were found to contain traces of horse meat, and both meat and veggie hot dogs were found to have human DNA present.

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If eating factory farmed animals is not good for your health, imagine processed products such as sausages and hot dogs. The industry can throw whatever they want inside because of the herbs, flavorings, and salt will take away the nasty taste.


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