10 Warnings of Lupus Your Body Is Trying to Tell You

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Lupus is a serious auto-immune disease that really changes the pace of your life. It is a seriously overwhelming change. Often times, Lupus has the behavior of other diseases which can sometimes make it harder to diagnose.

But, there are a couple of warning signs roaming the internet talking about how they may indicate that Lupus may be in its developing stages. So, if you are interested in finding out more, scroll down below!

10 Warnings of Lupus Your Body Is Trying to Tell You

10 Warning Signs That Lead to Lupus

Weight Loss

If you are experiencing weight loss that’s a little bit too sudden and confusing since it’s never happened to you before, you should really take notice of it. This may indicate many things, and one of them may be Lupus as well.


Feeling fatigue is common for many people. But, if you’ve been experiencing it a bit more than often, you should start thinking about the reason behind it. Have you been working too hard recently? It can lead to many things, like most of these symptoms, but it’s always best to track-back your activity to make sure you are safe.

Bad Blood Circulation

Are you having problems with blood circulation? Have you been having trouble to warm up your hands and feet? You should definitely look into this issue as well. It’s always best to go and speak to a professional if you’re experiencing circulation issues.


People don’t really know of this symptom and its relation to Lupus. If you’re getting persistent heartburn, you really should go get checked and find out what’s the reason behind it. The type of heartburn that we’re talking about is the one that never really goes away no matter what measures you take.

Joint Swelling

Joint swelling may lead to edema as well. If you keep having consistent problems with joint swelling, you should really look into the reason behind it. Stop blaming it on your busy schedule because it may even just be a lot more than that.


Since autoimmune diseases are the ones your body has to constantly fight with, there are so many strange symptoms that may occur due to the latter. And rashes are one of them. Have you been getting random rashes on your skin lately? You should look into it. Of course, this doesn’t 100% mean that you have the disease, but it’s worth getting it checked either way.

Symptoms of Flu

Have you been experiencing flu-like symptoms for a little while now? With auto-immune diseases, it’s pretty common to get colds often because your immune system keeps weakening until you get the proper therapy that you need. It may also just indicate to a weak immune system and you should get that in check as well.

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Hair Loss

We all lose hundreds of hair every single day, but if you are losing hair by the thousands, you should really get that checked. Have you been under lots of stress lately? Or you can’t quite recall what’s really going on? You should go and speak to a professional. Good luck!

Chest Pain

Chest pain is another symptom that you may experience if your body is trying to tell you that you have Lupus. It can also lead to another health issue as well. Either way, you should really go and speak to a professional and take better care of your health.

Problems in the Bathroom

Are you dreading going to the bathroom because it either has started to hurt a bit too much or for some other uncomfortable reason? This can also indicate to the auto-immune disease. Is urinating getting painful? You really need to go and speak to a professional.

NOTE. None of these symptoms is something that can prove that you have Lupus 100%. They are just warning signs that your health may be experiencing a certain decline. Go and get yourself checked to see what’s really going on.

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