Here Are 14 Facts About Farting That Are Going to Make You Laugh

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Are you the type of person who gets the hiccups and farts a bit too often? It probably makes you very uncomfortable when it occurs in public. But, we are here to tell you that this is all normal and just a part of human nature.

There is really nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, the more we normalize and talk about things that are so stigmatized in society, the less fuss is going to be created when the topic lands in a conversation.

In spite of the stigma and in order to celebrate human nature, we’ve acquired 14 facts about farting that are going to tell you more about it other than the fact that it’s embarrassing.

If interested, the facts are down below!

Here Are 14 Facts About Farting That Are Going to Make You Laugh

  • Men fart a lot more than women. Some say that the fact that women fart too is still very stigmatized in society, which makes them suppress their need for relief.
  • The word “Fart” was coined back in the 60s. Its original meaning is “Wind from the butt.”.
  • You fart at least a dozen times per day.
  • Those dozen farts can fill up an entire party balloon.
  • Farting often is a sign of good health. It indicates that your digestive health is healthy and that it digests your food properly. Farting is the process of your system releasing the gasses that are bloating your stomach.
  • Have you ever wondered what farts made of are? Well, it’s all hydrogen sulfide.
  • If your farts smell “Bad,” it’s a sign of proper digestive tract health as well. There’s nothing to worry about.
  • Women’s farts smell a bit worse than men’s. That’s because women have a higher concentration of the hydrogen in them.
  • The speed of a fart is a whopping 10 ft./sec!
  • If your sphincter is a bit tighter than average, you will probably have farts that are louder. We are sorry!
  • If you know someone who drinks more soda than they should, make sure to hide it from them when they are at your place! Soda triggers frequent farting.
  • You do most of your day’s worth of farting while you’re asleep.
  • Termites fart the most out of everyone in the animal kingdom! Next come sheep, cows, elephants, dogs, zebras, and camels!
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