National Listeria Recall Hits Walmart Stores, Vegetables Might Be Contaminated

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A national recall was issued in Walmart due to a possible listeria contamination. Various vegetable products were the target in California, more precisely the packages by Mann Packing of Salinas. These are the vegetables that are ”minimally processed” and sold at Trader Joe’s and Walmart.

The reason behind this major recall is the one positive result found in the products after a random sampling. In addition, this one sample was enough to recall all the packages that have a ”best if used by” date from October 11 to 20.

As a result, numerous brands had to undergo testing, and many of their products were recalled.

What Is Listeria?

Listeria is a food poisoning caused by eating contaminated foods. However, if pregnant women get infected with this bacteria, it can cause a serious infection of the newborn, premature delivery, miscarriage, or even stillbirth.

Moreover, listeria can affect elderly and adults as well. In addition, it can impair their immune system or in some very rare cases, become seriously ill. Furthermore, this bacteria is in the water and soil.

If the fertilizer used to plant the vegetables contains this bacteria, it can infect the plants.

But, animals can carry this bacteria as well. As a result, the dairy products and meat can have listeria. Also, processed foods such as cold nuts and soft cheeses might get the bacteria after processing.

Symptoms of Listeria

There are various symptoms that you can recognize this bacteria. These symptoms include diarrhea, muscle aches, fever, and nausea. But, if the infections spread to the nervous system the symptoms can change.

In addition, you can feel the loss of balance, headache, convulsions, or a stiff neck.

Some of the Affected Packages

The lists of recalled products from the following stores include broccoli, cauliflower florets, salad products, and vegetable medleys. Furthermore, these are all products that were distributed across Canada and the United States with a ”best if used by’’ date from October 11 to 20.

You can see the date printed on the front of the packaging. Here is a detailed list of the products.

Products Recalled at Walmart
  • 12 oz of Broccoli Florets with the UPC code: 681131328845
  • 10 oz of Cauliflower Florets with the UPC code: 681131091381
  • 2 lb of Vegetable Medley with the UPC code: 681131457378
  • 12 oz of Broccoli Cauliflower Florets with the UPC code: 681131328852
  • 12 oz of Stir Fry Medley with the UPC code: 681131457460
  • 10 oz of Super Blend with the UPC code: 681131148368
  • 32 oz of Broccoli Florets with the UPC code: 681131122344
  • 9/10 oz of Vegetable Medley with the UPC code: WM681131328791
  • 16 oz of Broccoli Slaw with the UPC code: 681131148207
  • 6/16 oz of Cauliflower with the UPC code: 681131122320
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Products Recalled at Trader Joe’s
  • 10 oz of Kohlrabi Salad Blend with the UPC code: 0058 6146

It is important to keep the food healthy and the consumers safe, especially for our families and children, says the Director of Corporate Marketing for Mann Packing, Gina Nucci.

That is why this recall will reflect the commitment we should have to ensure our safety and the safety of every consumer.

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