8 Signs That Prove a Person Is Jealous of You

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If you are famous, have a lot of success, or simply a good life, and for some reason, a certain person treats you differently in a more evil way, it might simply mean that he or she is jealous of you. Even though jealousy is a very bad trait, there are a lot of people who are consumed by it.

Especially if they long for the life that you have.

These people may not have an intention to hurt you, but they can unknowingly do bad things to you, just because they are jealous. For example, your friend tends to always envelop your friendship in a bad vibe and a bad emotion, especially if you are around.

If that friend is the same with other people, but acts mean only when you appear, it might mean that he or she is jealous.

Besides, jealousy in a friendship is never a good thing. In addition, that person can make you feel uncertain, insecure, and will never support you when you have some tough decisions to make.

8 Signs Someone Is Jealous of You

To recognize a jealous person, here are a few sings you should look out for. Whether you are in a romantic or a friendly relationship, you should always consider these signs.

1. The Person Is Imitating You

The most obvious trait a jealous person can have is imitation.

Since that person can’t be you, he or she will do anything in their power to imitate or resemble you in any way they can. However, imitating you is not the same as sharing your tastes and interests, especially for a close friend or a lover.

Therefore, if that person copies you, he or she envies you, as simple as that. For example, you have that one friend that acts like you, talks, dresses exactly like you and goes to the places you do. If that is the case, then you should know that stealing your identity is not a good relationship.

A good relationship is built on trust and accepting individuality and personal traits.

2. Gossip as a Common Goal

If that one person always talks behind your back but acts all mushy and friendly with you, then he or she is jealous. In addition, they avoid confrontation, but spread all the unnecessary gossip, and degrade your achievements.

Someone who never respects what you have achieved should never be a part of your circle.

3. False Compliment

The first to give you a false praise that sounds honest, but instead, it is dripping with anger, and passive aggression, usually comes from a person who is jealous of you. But, the moment you leave, they will start rolling their eyes and pretend they are not jealous.

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This is easier for them since they don’t want to solve their problems, so they turn towards you. If you want to solve the relationship with this person, it might be best to give them honest compliments when they achieve something good.

So, you will show them how genuine and a nice person you really are. This way you can curb their jealousy.

4. They Are Competitive with You

It is alright to have competition, but too much every day focused only on you, is not a normal thing. According to experts, excessive competitiveness may appear due to jealousy. In the end, it might make your relationship toxic.

Therefore, too much competition can cause you trouble.

5. Flaunting Their Success

If you have a friend who keeps flaunting their success at all times, and they are not even worth flaunting, it might mean that that friend is jealous. They just can’t get enough of your achievements, so they want to show their own.

These are the kinds of people who get engaged at a wedding, sounds familiar? The thing is, these people are not as successful as you, so they are overwhelmed with negative thoughts and emotions. The best way to get rid of these emotions is to flaunt their own achievements.

However, if you get angry at them, they will just feel more proud in their unjustified behavior.

6. Too Much Hate

For an unknown reason, there is this person that uncontrollably hates you. This might mean that they are jealous. This is one of the hardest problems to deal with. After all, no one really wants to be hated by people.

Despite all your efforts to show that you are good, that person will keep on ignoring you.

If there is nothing to do about it, you can’t simply change this person and make him or her like you. Instead, you should avoid them and get on with your life. All that negativity is unnecessary. Therefore, it is best to let it go.

7. Is Happy for Your Failures

Even when you make the tiniest mistake, get corrected at school or work, that person will definitely be happy about it.

This is the person that is very jealous of you and enjoys your failures and mistakes in life. He or she takes pride and grace in the shameful experiences that might happen to you and will keep reminding you with a smile, that mistakes are a part of life.

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To wipe that smile of their face, you shouldn’t show that you are upset. Instead, show them that this mistake never fazed you. Eventually, they won’t feel any joy.

8. Downplaying Your Achievements

If you keep achieving success and get endless achievements, a jealous person will get furious. They will try to do anything to downplay your success by comparing it to anything that doesn’t require skill.

This is typical since that person just can’t cope and will refuse to admit that you are better. In fact, you are better than they can ever hope to be.

Final Thoughts

It is not easy to change what someone thinks about you. Therefore, the best thing might be to let them go and move on with your life. A toxic relationship full of negative energy is never healthy. That is why you should never give any of those people the attention they crave.

Especially if you know that they are talking behind your back, every time you leave. Maybe now you will feel inspired to search for a healthy relationship, whether it may be a romantic or a simple relationship. Whatever the case, know that your happiness should come first.

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