Your Month By Month Horoscope For 2019, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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We’re kicking off a new year, an opportunity for new beginnings, fresh starts, and exciting adventures. Throughout the year we are going to experience a number of eclipses, planetary retrogrades and more – What will this mean for your life?

The study of astrology is far more elaborate than many people realize. While the average person is familiar with the concept of the zodiac, identifying their sun sign and what that reveals about their personality. However, astrologists are able to provide an even greater insight into our lives. For example, the movement of the moon through the various phases of the lunar cycle has a direct impact on our emotional state, culminating with the incredible intensity at the high of the full moon.

At the same time, the movement of the planets throughout the signs will influence our lives in a number of ways – encouraging relationships, triggering personal growth, and challenging our views of the world around us. As planets shift into retrograde movement, this will further alter the energy that we’re feeling adding to both the excitement and challenges that we will experience. It’s going to be an exciting one.

The good news is that astrology is not only used to predict the overall energy shifts in the world but in understanding your sun sign and the way it interacts with each of these events, you can also predict specifically how you are going to feel this impact in your own life.

What Does 2019 Have In Store For You? Find Your Zodiac Sign Below And Read On…

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

January to March: This is going to be a year of ‘housekeeping’ for you. I’m not talking about actually cleaning your home, but rather cleaning your life. Spend the first few months looking carefully at the life you’re living. Are there aspects to this life that make you unhappy? If so, you need to leave them behind and free yourself for new, greater things.

April to June: Take a look at how much you have already accomplished this year. You may have felt overwhelmed and overworked, but you truly have come so far. Take a break from your efforts to look back and celebrate, but don’t stay here too long. Use this as motivation to get moving forward once again.

July to September: When you are letting go of negativity in your life in this way it’s going to require some serious change in your life, but you need to be open to the process. Don’t resist change, embrace it. This includes opening your heart and mind to the possibility of new people entering your life.

October to December: Great news, this is going to be a time of joy and happiness for you. All your efforts are now paying off, don’t feel guilty for truly enjoying this. Take these months to be your happiest self, celebrate your life and make the most of it.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

January to March: You’re going to notice relatively early in this period that you rely on outside sources of happiness to bring your joy. During these months it’s time to turn that around, learning to look within yourself for the joy and satisfaction that you crave.

April to June: Having made a significant shift to kick off your year, you may find yourself a little lost, confused and struggling to make sense of everything. That’s okay, it’s completely normal! Try to be patient with yourself throughout this transition, while also taking care of yourself. This is a period where you need to prioritize self-care.

July to September: With your year halfway over, it’s been an interesting year. You’ve had some incredible highs and challenging lows, but you’ve made it this far. Now it’s time to address that one point of change that you so desperately need to make. It won’t be easy, in fact, it’s likely going to be really hard. However, it’s going to be worth it.

October to December: Now that you’ve made the biggest change in your recent past, you can breathe a sigh of relief. You did it, and you came out a better person on the others side. You may have lost some friends along the way, but the people who are meant to be in your life have stuck it out. Take notice of who is still in your corner.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

January to March: It should come as no surprise that the highly optimistic and social Gemini is going to walk into the near year with a smile on your face and a skip in your step. After all, you always assume the best regardless of the situation before you. In this case, your attitude is going to work in your favor in many ways, but you may want to take a step back and look at your relationships a little more seriously.

April to June: If you’ve done your due diligence when it comes to your relationships over the last few months, you’ve likely already identified the toxic people in your life. Now it’s time to take steps to remove this negative influence from your life and protect yourself.

July to September: Removing people from your life is never an easy task, so try to be patient with yourself. Now that you are in a more positive situation in life, it’s time to refocus your attention on your self-care. What are you doing to improve your overall happiness and well-being? Make ‘me time’ a priority.

October to December: This is the point where you may be experiencing some regrets from your earlier decisions as it hits that you have removed these people from your life. Try to remind yourself why you made the decisions you made. Inviting toxic energy back into your life is only going to cause you pain long-term.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

January to March: This is going to be a great year with some incredible things. You’re going to kick it off by experiencing new and exciting things in your love life. If you’re single, prepare for someone to sweep you off your feet. However, if you’re in a relationship then you’re going to experience fireworks. Enjoy it.

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April to June: Now that the romantic side of your life has grown and changed in such a positive way, it’s time to move to the next area of your life, your career. Take a step back and reassess your current career choices. Are you happy with where you’re going? If not, it’s time to change it. If you are content with your work, it’s time to run for that big raise or promotion.

July to September: Following the same pattern as the first half of the year, it’s time to move onto the next point – your friendships. You have some incredible, supportive people in your life. Take time to spend time with these people, get to know one another on a deeper level and show mutual support.

October to December: In the final months you will come up against a significant challenge. It’s time to rely on the people you’ve come to love, trust and respect. Be honest about your feelings while, at the same time, facing this situation head-on.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

January to March: The start of the year is going to feel a little off to you. Don’t ignore your gut feelings, your instincts are there to help guide and protect you. Take a step back and allow yourself to reflect upon your life and your choices. What is happening that isn’t sitting well with you? Identifying this is the first step to making an improvement.

April to June: It wasn’t easy reflecting on your life in this way, but it did help you to see what you need to work on if you are going to find happiness at the end of the day. Luck is now on your side, and you will start to see a positive shift. Just be sure that you don’t lose sight of the life you want.

July to September: You’re going to experience a bump in the road during these months in the form of someone from your past. This could be a former friend, an ex-lover or an estranged family member. On one hand, you care deeply for this person however you need to make sure you don’t permit them to bring negativity back into your life. They are in your past for a reason.

October to December: This blast from your past may have left you second guessing and reconsidering many of the decisions that you have made, becoming highly critical. What you really need as 2019 comes to a close is to take a break and allow yourself to relax for a change.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

January to March: You spent most of 2018 trying to force relationships to happen, and in return you got pain. Rather than continuing on the same path and hoping for a different result, it’s time to take a step back and focus on yourself. You need the time to heal and overcome.

April to June: Once you have found your footing in life standing alone, you will be in the right mindset to once again allow others into your life. It is at this time that someone is going to come along sweeping you off your feet and showing you how incredible life can be. Enjoy every moment.

July to September: This new relationship, whether it’s a friendship or a romantic connection, is naturally moving forward in a way that you are ready now to take it a step further. Don’t fight this progression.

October to December: During this time, you are going to make a startling realization – this new connection in your life isn’t a passing fad. This is someone that is going to remain by your side through both the good times as well as life’s challenges. It’s important not to take them for granted.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

January to March: While some of the other signs had a fun and enjoyable 2018, it was a particularly difficult one for you. This has left you walking into 2019 carrying some serious baggage, pain and hurt that weighs you down and prevents you from moving forward. Understand that letting this go is going to be a process, but you need to start somewhere. Just take those first steps.

April to June: The first steps are often the most difficult. Having taken on this challenge and put the initial effort forward, you are now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Focus on that, don’t lose sight of the hope that’s ahead of you.

July to September: As you start to let go of the pain and hurt from your past, it’s time to create some new, positive memories, experiences and habits in their place. This may involve spending time with friends and family, identifying areas in your life for improvement and setting goals for the future.

October to December: The process of getting your life back on track has been difficult, but it freed you for one great thing – your love life. Whether you’re single or in a serious relationship, these months are going to bring you happiness, joy and a deeper connection.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

January to March: While others may walk into the new year with their mind on fun, excitement and good times, you’re kicking this year of with some serious focus. You know what you want, you’ve made some solid goals and you’re ready to hit the ground running. Embrace this motivation.

April to June: By the time April rolls around, you’re already starting to see some of the results from your hard work and you’re loving it. You may be tempted to slow down and spend your time enjoying the luxuries that are coming your way but doing so will put a halt to your progress. Stick it out a little longer…

July to September: Those around you have now started to notice your success, which will draw others to you like moths to a flame. This will include both new friends and romantic interests. Be cautious of fake friends looking to leach off your success.

October to December: For the most part, this year has been an incredible success. However, you’re going to find yourself facing the greatest challenge of the year in these final months. It may feel overwhelming or impossible, but trust in your own strength. You can handle this, rise above and finish the year on top.

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Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

January to March: There is a new relationship in your life – this may refer to a good friend or a family member. Dedicate the first months of your year to getting to know one another better while growing and strengthening the bond that you have formed. This is someone who is going to play an important role in your life as a whole.

April to June: Relationships aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. During these months you are going to find yourself face to face with some concerns and problems with your relationship. Remember, the best relationships take a little work and now’s your chance. Identify these areas for growth and discuss them with your friend or partner. Work through these challenges together.

July to September: Now that things are back on track and better than ever, it’s time to embrace your adventurous side and truly enjoy life together. This may involve taking a trip somewhere exotic or simply staying home and trying something new. Whatever it is, enjoy every minute of this time together.

October to December: This is going to be a time of reflection in which you first realize just how important this person has been throughout this year. This is going to help you to take your connection to a new level. Celebrate together and start to make plans and goals for the future.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

January to March: You had an incredibly challenging 2018, and you’re walking into 2019 feeling exhausted and burnt out. Before you focus on moving things forward, you need to take a step back and take care of yourself. Allow yourself to rest, practice self-care and make yourself a priority. This will set you up for great things to come.

April to June: Now that you are ready to move forward, you’re going to find that someone new is coming into your life. This may be a friend, a romantic relationship, a new co-worker or someone coming into your family in some way. Embrace and foster this new connection, as it will be an important one to you.

July to September: As someone who is always focused on how to achieve, accomplish and overcome, you may find yourself feeling as though you are completely outside of your comfort zone during these months as you find yourself seeking adventure and excitement. Run with this, embrace it and allow it to open your mind to new things.

October to December: Your 2019 is going to finish on a high as you achieve some incredible, life-altering things. Know that this is the culmination of years of hard work and allow yourself to enjoy it. You’ve earned this.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

January to March: Great news, 2019 is going to be an amazing year for you with incredible experiences, lifelong memories, and friendships that will stand the test of time. Start this year by looking around you at your life and identifying the things you love most, things that you want to hold onto.

April to June: Building upon the things you identified at the start of the year, it’s time to take the next step. During these months, it’s time to look specifically at your relationship – what connections are serving you well, which do you need to break free from?

July to September: Now that you have ‘your people’ by your side, it’s time to look at the next area of your life – you. These months will be all about personal growth and development, becoming the best version of you that you can be.

October to December: It’s been a hard year, one that has challenged you and tested your resolve. Unfortunately, you’re not quite done yet. You’re going to have one final hurdle to overcome, the biggest yet. You’ve got this!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

January to March: Throughout the early months of the year you may find yourself holding onto concern and anxiety from 2018. It’s important to acknowledge that this is a new year with new opportunities and put the past in the past. After all, it’s behind you and there is nothing you can do to change it at this point. The best way to do this is to make a point of identifying something to be grateful for in your life every single day. This will lift you up and create a foundation of positivity and optimism upon which you can build your life.

April to June: Now that you’ve created a habit of daily gratitude, it’s time to address another barrier to your happiness and success – your fear of failure. You know what you want out of life, and more specifically out of this year, but this fear will cause you to hesitate and hold back. Instead, it’s time to embrace your own personal strength. You are capable of more than you know, and the sooner you realize this the better.

July to September: So, you’re living your life each day with an attitude of gratitude and you’ve put your fears behind you, what’s next. This is the best part, the part you’ve been looking forward to this whole time – You are now going to start to experience the rewards and benefits of all your hard work. Make the most of this time, you deserve it! In fact, carve a little time into your hectic schedule just to celebrate a little.

October to December: The final months of the year will be a time of reflection for you. Throughout 2019 you have had the opportunity to grow and evolve as a person. These are skills that can help you moving forward, setting you up for success in the coming years. Take a step back and look at the last few months, identifying what did and didn’t work. Learn from your mistakes.

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