Lift Your Buttocks with These Five Simple Moves

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We admit, the way that your buttocks look in your pants definitely isn’t the most important thing in life, but you may still want to raise the buttocks to a level where they were before you took that desk job, commuted to work and sat around watching TV, causing that part of you to get flattened and loosen like a pancake

Autumn Calabrese, a celebrity trainer who created the 21-Day Fix programs (basic and extreme), says that these exercises are excellent for the glutes, but that’s not all. These exercises will also work your core and legs which will lead to accelerated metabolism and increased strength. Of course, a tight butt is more than a simple opportunity to brag about your appearance because the muscles in this area are crucial for proper movement and with their help you will be able to jump, run and change positions and directions easily.

Stronger glue muscles make all activities easier, from having a walk in the park to unloading your brand new fridge you just bought. Try to perform these exercises two times a week and check the results.

Here’s a list of five super easy moves that can help you:

1. Surrenders

What are you surrendering here? The name may sound terrifying, but your butt will definitely become stronger and firmer with this simple move, which also optimizes the heart rate so you eliminate more calories.

At the same time you are firming your hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes all at once — according to Calabrese.

Lift Your Butt with These Five Simple Moves - Surrenders

How to do this exercise

Stand with your feet together and your arms together, using dumbbells if you like. Keep your chest raised and your core engaged during the whole range of movement. Step back with one leg and lower the knee to the ground. You should get into a kneeling position. Repeat the same procedure on the other side. Exercise with one leg, reverse the motion slowly and get back to your initial position. Perform this motion again, but this time the opposite leg will lead the exercise. Do two sets of ten reps.

2. Ballet-style butt lift

The outer buttocks muscle, called the gluteus medius, is known for its tightness.  This exercise both strengthens and tightens that area to make your posterior firmer and more “lifted,” according to the professional trainer and fitness instructor Shannon Fable, who is also the head of workout programming at the 24-hour-a-day gym franchise Anytime Fitness.

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Lift Your Butt with These Five Simple Moves - Ballet Butt Lift

How to do it

Sit in a pretzel position — bend one leg behind your body and one in front of you. Lean forward as much as you can and put your hands on the ground and keep your spine long. Raise and lower your rear leg, keeping the box-like shape. Make sure that your buttocks, not your knee, trigger the lift. The leg should separate from the ground entirely, but not very far; remember that this movement is small. If you are having any trouble at all lifting your leg off the ground, then do this motion on your elbows rather than remain upright. Perform two sets of ten repetitions with both your left and right leg.

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