Top 10 Herbs Native Americans Used to Treat Many Diseases

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Long before the Europeans settled North America, the Native Americans used herbal medicine to treat many diseases that were impossible to cure for most Europeans. The way they obtained their knowledge was through observation of the wildlife that surrounded them.

They followed the animals to see what they will eat to treat their pain.

So, by observing the bear, elk, and deer, the indigenous people realized that the animals who ate certain plants would heal themselves. As a result, the Native Americans tried to learn more about the plants and develop their own herbal medicine.

However, the plants were so beneficial that the men had to find a way not to overharvest them. Thus, they gathered only a third of the plants they found. Since Native Americans were focused on a spiritual way of life, they tried to live a harmonious and balanced way of life.

Therefore, they tried not to destroy nature in the process. Here are some of the herbs they used that have potent medicinal properties.

1. Cattail

The cattail has potent antiseptic properties, which makes it a great remedy for relieving sores, boils, and preventing anemia. It also helps the person heal faster.

2. Sumac

This herb has various medicinal properties. Therefore, it can be used in many remedies. Mainly it can be great for treating eye infections, sore throats, diarrhea, fever and even soothe poultice from poison ivy.

If you want to use this remedy, gargle a decoction from sumac and wait for the results.

3. Ginger

Ginger tea can be a great remedy for the stomach and intestinal gas. Furthermore, you can use it to treat some ear infections or itching from a snake bite.

4. Mint

Mint tea can be beneficial for soothing constipation and improving digestion. Also, mint can be a great herbal medicine for treating rashes and itchy skin.

5. Greenbriar

This plant can mainly clean the blood, treat some minor urinary contamination, wounds, and burns. To consume it, use it in some salads, eat it raw or make it into jam. Besides, it is a food that is rich in vitamins necessary for the overall health.

6. Buckbrush

The buckbrush, also known as hummingbird blossom, can stimulate the kidney functions, help with inflammation, treat cysts, fibroid tumors, or even problems with the throat. Moreover, it can be a useful herb for treating menstrual problems and high blood pressure.

So, make sure to give it a try.

7. Yellow Dock

Unlike the other herbs where you have to take the leaves or plant, for this one, you will have to take the root. The root of yellow dock is full of minerals and vitamins which can help balance the hormone, detoxify and clear the skin.

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Since it is full of iron, it can have a diuretic impact as a potent sterile.

8. Wild Rose

Not only is this plant beautiful, but it can also be beneficial for the health. The fruit of this herb is the rose hip. It has mild anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. In addition, it can increase your appetite, circulation and stimulate the liver.

Furthermore, the fruit can be useful for treating the flu and relieving the pain in the nerves. So, it might be useful for treating joint pains.

9. Blackberry

This plant might be the best one for treating an upset stomach, swollen joints and tissues. To get these benefits, you should drink more blackberry tea. Moreover, if you mix blackberry root with maple syrup or honey, you might be able to treat sore throats.

If you have bleeding gums, chew some of these leaves. Plus, you can even improve your immune system by doing so.

10. Yarrow

For any surface injuries that you might help, like bleeding or infections, you should use yarrow. But, if you drink yarrow tea, you might be able to improve your digestion, kidney and gallbladder functions, or in the long run, you can even use it if your menstruation is problematic.

On top of that, yarrow can be a mild remedy for treating anxiety, breast infection, high blood pressure, or even asthma.

What do you think? Have you ever tried these herbs before? Make sure to leave us a comment and share this post with family and friends.

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