Choosing Your Broom Will Determine the Type of Which You Are

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Do you want to find out your inner magical power? Or maybe you want to know the type of path you should take.

Nevertheless, each and every one of us has some secret powers we have yet to learn. So, feel free to find which magical gift belongs to you.

The best way to find out is to choose from these brooms the one that will suit you. Based on the number of your broom, read further what it means.

Choosing Your Broom Will Determine the Type of Which You Are

1. Organized Witch

You clearly know your own boundaries. So, you are capable of avoiding losses and risks. Plus, you love new beginnings, experiences, and things to try out. That is why you never waste your time. You love to use every minute actively.

In addition, you can’t wait for the next covenant with your friends.

2. Boss Witch

Your ability to anticipate and prepare for events beforehand makes you the best witch leader. You are smart, decisive, and quickly understand every situation or emotion. Plus, there is no need for you to use fortune-telling cards.

Your magical eloquence makes you the best witch leader.

3. Witch of Influence

You have the power to control people through emotional pressure. However, you don’t make enemies. Instead, you infiltrate their mind to believe in your strong features. But, you sacrifice your own ideals for the sake of others.

4. The Perfectionist

Order and organization mean everything to you. That is why you want to know where everything is in the house if you are trying to prepare for a coven. Other witches bow down before you and show appreciation and respect.

They believe in you and the things you can do.

5. Witch Teacher

Everyone trusts you and depend on your judgment. You hate disloyal sorcerers, but you are willing to work with those who are inspired to learn. As the true role model as you are, young wizards come to you for education and enlightenment.

Your knowledge makes you a worthy opponent.

6. Stone Wall

Your character is unbeatable. No one is better suited for solving schemes than you. On top of that, you defend your principles, ideals, and goals better than anyone else. However, if someone tries to take your place, you can be very harsh.

7. Self Determined

You are the witch who wants to solve problems by themselves. You easily adapt to changes and don’t wait for the best moment. Also, you can deal with any situation without fear. That is why you are different than the other witches.

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8. The Dreamer

You are the witch that others can trust. You can easily imagine yourself in different places, situations and moments. Your imagination takes you miles away from any problem. That is why you can easily read people and get close to them.

Also, your witch attire is the most important thing for you. You attach yourself to your clothing and want to save any penny to improve your attire.

9. The Lone Witch

You love calm and ordinary daily routines. You are the witch that lives peacefully in her cabin preparing a potion and cleaning the house. Even though you like helping others, you don’t get close to them.

You prefer being alone and enjoying the hills and fresh air. Besides, it is easier this way to get lost in thoughts so that you will isolate yourself from anything that bothers you.

10. Adventurer

You are the witch that likes to travel. You hate the mundane routines and love a creative change of pace. That is why you like to take your broom and fly to uncharted territories. Moreover, you like meeting other wizards and sharing some good old knowledge and experience.

What broom did you pick? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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