Bone Broth Recipe to Reduce Leaky Gut Syndrome

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Bone Broth is a traditional and popular food that most people love, and with good reason. It contains amino acids, minerals, and collagen which make it excellent for the health.

Also, it is a popular healing food that can be helpful for the digestive system, especially if you have problems with digestion. Besides, people have eaten this food for thousands of years. Therefore, you need to add it more frequently to your everyday diet.

After all, it is useful for the skin, ligaments, feet, bones and the marrow.

Benefits of Bone Broth

Here is a list of some of the most important benefits of consuming bone broth:

  • your joints, tendons, and ligaments become healthier
  • it can reduce gas, diarrhea, bloating, acid reflux and constipation
  • strengthens the bones
  • it is rich in phosphorous, calcium, potassium and magnesium
  • strengthens the immunity and protects the body from allergies and common illnesses
  • reduces the symptoms of the leaky gut syndrome, IBD or IBS
  • makes the skin look youthful

What is Bone Broth?

Bone Broth is a stew or broth made from bones along with other spices and ingredients that give it flavor. When the bones boil, they extract the necessary nutrients from the meat and muscles which are attached to the bone.

Therefore, it is very healthy and cost-effective. Which means that you don’t have to throw your leftover bones away, instead you can use them to make your own broth.

How to Make Bone Broth

Pick the freshest veggies and seasoning you like. The possibilities are endless.

If you want to get the best nutrients from your meal, make sure you combine the vegetables that can work together. Pick bones that are from grass-fed or pasture-fed animals, without hormones and antibiotics and put them in a lot of water to boil.

After half an hour or more, you can add your favorite vegetables cut into bite-sized pieces. Let it all boil and combine for one hour. Add the seasoning you like. After everything has combined well together, turn off the heat and chop of some fresh parsley to give it an excellent taste.

Bone Broth and Leaky Gut Syndrome

This broth may prove ideal for a leaky gut syndrome. With all the benefits that it can provide, the ones mentioned above, like helping with allergies and boosting the immune system, it may prove ideal for strengthening your entire metabolism.

Moreover, it can help the body absorb more nutrients, heal the digestive system and provide huge amounts of minerals. In the end, it might even prove useful for dealing with inflammation caused by arthritis.

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Furthermore, it might be even a great solution for losing weight and improving your overall health. Or, use it as a detoxifier if you want to remove all the bad toxins in our body, especially the gut and liver.

Not to even mention, that this broth is full of collagen, a protein important for the ligaments, bones, tendons, and marrow.

As such, it is a crucial component for a healthy body and bones. Some people believe bone broth can reduce cellulite and wrinkles, but there are no studies that can confirm this.

Key Notes

It all comes down to taste, lifestyle, and preference, whether you want to use the bone broth as a form of treatment or not. If you are a person who enjoys food, cooking it and getting the nutrients from it, this is a great choice for you.

But, if you don’t like spending the time for preparing a meal, you can skip this. However, this is obviously not the right broth for a vegetarian or a vegan. Anyway, don’t forget to tell us your opinions and ideas!

Source: Juicing for Health | Dr. Doni | Dr. Axe

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