Banana Leaves: From Cooking, to Treating Cuts, Dandruff, and More

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Not many people know that the banana leaves contain various health benefits. Banana leaves (fresh or dried ones) can be used as herbal too.

Banana leaves have many benefits for your beauty and health, and can cure fever, dandruff, etc. In South-east Asia, banana leaves are most often used as a garnish to help in enhancing the appearance of foods and, also as food wrapping. Most people are only familiar with banana leaves as food wrapper, or as a handicrafts material.

Benefits of Banana Leaves:

1. For Cooking

According to ReadersDigest, banana leaves help to tenderize meat during the cooking process. The practice, which is common in Asian countries, is to wrap the food using banana leaf and tying it with string before baking, grilling, or steaming the dish.

In some countries, people mkae use of banana leaves for wrapping food and for lining cooking pits, as per Purdue University. The banana foliage also becomes makeshift placemates and plates.

2. For Dandruff

Do you have dandruff problems? Then, banana leaf can be your all-natural solution. First step is to chop and crush the banana leaves till the water are extracted. Then, apply the banana leaf extract all over your head. Let it absorb for a few moments, then rinsed thoroughly using clean water.

3. Healthy Skin

One of the health benefits of banana leaves is it can help to promote healthy skin. Banana leaves mask has been used in traditional spa to help maintain healthy skin.

The fresh leaves are crushed using a blender or mortar, then applied to the face or all over the body. The antioxidants and allantoin helps in the prevention of of early aging signs on the skin (such as dark spots and wrinkles, reduce acne, cures skin irritation, and keep your skin soft and moist.

4. Treating Cuts

Banana leavhes can also be use as a natural wound treatment. To use it for wound treatment, clean the banana leaves by washing. Then grind the banana leaves, and placed evenly on the wound. This method can be done for minor injuries. A banana leaf can also be used to treat open injuries.

5. Treatment for Fever

Banana leaves can also be used to treat fever. You do not drink banana leaves, but instead, you use it by attaching a banana leaf that has been cleaned, while also smeared with coconut oil on your forehead. This will help reduce the fever.


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