Aquarius Full Moon: How each Astrological Sign will be Impacted. {August 15-16}

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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

Each month, we find ourselves participating in a cosmic journey, whether we know it or not.

The moon, with all her intuition and mystery, takes us along her exploration of the celestial bodies above, leaving a bit of stardust in her trail.

The moon’s influence on our planet is strong; it moves the tides, determines the crops, and even has an effect on many women’s feminine cycles. We can’t help but feel her pull, as she glides through each sign of the zodiac.

The moon moves fast compared to many other planets and travels through all 12 signs within the span of one month.

And on Thursday, August 15, 2019, we will experience a full moon in the innovative, unique sign of Aquarius.

How This Full Moon Affects You

The full moon itself brings a point of climax, as the culmination of energies and emotions that have been developing throughout the lunar cycle become palpable. And while the full moon itself may only last for a day, its effects can be felt for a couple of days before and after it occurs.

You may feel more emotional during this time like your thoughts and feelings are spilling out of you. Just as the moon is brimming, you too are full—of ideas, dreams, goals, desires, emotions, and expectations.

And as the full moon illuminates the sky, she also shines her light on anything in our life that was once hidden in the shadows. We may become overwhelmed or even irrational when confronted by such depth, which is why it is generally thought that unusual or strange events are more likely to take place during a full moon.

Yet, Aquarius is a sign that typically fancies analytical, logical thought over emotionally driven decision-making, which may indicate a slight disconnection from these feelings.

During a full moon, the sun is always resting in the opposite sign than that of the moon. This month, the opposing sun will be resting in fiery Leo. This aspect brings together the agreeable and conflicting forces of both the analytical Aquarius and the heart-driven Leo. Aquarius is ruled by the thoughtful, intellectual element of air, while passionate, glowing fire rules over the sign of Leo. This is a cosmic dance between the beautiful, water-bearing maiden and the fearless lion.

Leo is gregarious and outgoing, but far more often associated with ego than the community-oriented Aquarius. Yet, Aquarius can be rather inflexible and egotistical when imposed upon by any oppressive force.

Leo represents the inner child, along with creativity, impulsivity, and connection to the heart, whereas Aquarius operates from a logical, rational, and sometimes rebellious standpoint. Aquarians are beacons of change, happy to start a revolution, while Leos are more concerned with honest self-expression and speaking from the heart. During this full moon, Aquarius’ sensible vibe steps in to guide that Leo fire into a more productive, universal direction.

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Have you ever felt trapped within “the system,” or felt like drastic change was necessary to create a harmonious world? That is the basis of the water-bearer’s energy. It’s all about liberation, personal and universal freedom, and using science as a foundation for paving the way to this bright future. The objectivity that is so prevalent within the Aquarian mindset can often present as detachment or indifference when it is rather a commitment to the scientific method.

Aquarius’ rationale does not completely hinder Leo’s passion, however, resulting in a balance between intellectual, logical air and enthusiastic, expressive fire.

The Full Moon in the Elements

This full moon presents a waltz between the elements of fire and air, and it may affect each of us differently, depending on your own sign’s elemental profile.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

This elemental influence adds a bit of heat to your otherwise rational air sign. While typically friendly and sociable, this may not be the best time for entertaining and mingling. Moods can be tense right now, and although you are generally great at keeping your head above the scuffle, this influence may bring out a feistier side of your personality.

This would be an excellent time to expand your mind. Study a subject you’ve always wanted to learn or read a book you’ve been meaning to dive into. If you have work that needs to be completed, you may have to give yourself a gentle kick in the behind to get through it. Remind yourself how great the feeling of accomplishment will be.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

The effect of this full moon presents itself in the form of a cosmic firefighter to keep your flames under control. While your fire is beautiful and warm, it can be dangerous if it grows out of control. It is a reminder to set your ego aside, especially when emotions are charged, as it can cloud your vision. If disagreements arise, remember to incorporate your heart into the matter, and try not to take things too personally right now.

The independent quality of Aquarius affecting this moon also asks you to uncover the confidence within yourself that don’t need acceptance from other people. If you can keep your spirits up and your heart opens right now, you’ll see that you’re surrounded by love.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Despite the effect of air and fire under this transit, the moon is still aqueous and splashing with the same waters that fill you with emotion and depth. Your intuitive, sensitive nature makes you instinctively empathetic—a trait that can be draining to your resources. Don’t let your well run dry by giving all of yourself to your loved ones. Remember to take time to explore and tend to your own feelings and desires from time to time.

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While your sensitivity is a beautiful thing, don’t let your moods be affected by the opinions of others right now. Other people can sometimes be less attuned to the effect of their words, and they likely don’t mean to be hurtful.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

The air of Aquarius stirs the soil of your earth, while the fire of Leo warms the ground. While you’ve been hard at work, you may have been too busy to see the fruits of your labor and enjoy the view.

It’s no secret that earth signs are responsible and grounded, but sometimes it’s just as productive to take a break and relax a bit. The dance between Aquarius and Leo under this full moon asks you to step back and be objectively proud of all that you’ve accomplished.

Try not to take criticisms so seriously, especially when moods can be tense or heavy. This moon also asks you to consider whether the work you’re doing fulfills your own needs and desires or those of someone else. Use the illuminating effect of this influence to dive deeper into the meaning behind your endeavors.

Full Moon Rituals

This is a great time to delight in the many different ways in which we can celebrate the moon and embrace her wisdom.

You can use the full moon to cleanse your crystals by bathing them in the moonlight or set a jar of spring water under its glow overnight and drink in the lunar essence the next morning. You could take a blanket and your journal outside and simply pour your soul out, releasing all of the potentially overwhelming emotions and thoughts that accompany a full moon. Or try taking a stick of sage outside to (carefully) smudge yourself under the celestial glow, clearing any negative or toxic energies.

The process is personal, and it really doesn’t matter how you choose to embrace this lunar energy.

Create your own special ritual to strengthen your unique bond with the moon and begin to better understand her wisdom.



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