The 7 Fundamental Vitamins That Every Woman Should Consume After 40 Years

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While it is true, every woman from birth to death seeks to stay as beautiful as possible in any way. However, there comes a place in the life of a woman in which they begin to realize that health is more significant than beauty so they begin to take care of it too.

This is the point where they realize that to stay healthy the body is paid with beauty so these 2 are notions that go hand in hand.

The reality is that this is why today we will show you the 7 best vitamins that a woman has to take after 40 years.

7 best vitamins that a woman has to take

The human body degenerates after the age of 35 approx. However, at this age the body degenerates slowly and slowly, but after 40 years is when a peak in fall for the health of women and is that in this place many vitamins are lost and many substances are no longer produced vital in the woman’s body so it is a moment in life where to begin to notice wrinkles, gray hair, capillary fragility and especially health conflicts.

Many women choose to buy a multivitamin or a nutritional supplement rich in vitamins and think that by ingesting that they are taking care of themselves, unfortunately the biology of the human body is not so easy to solve problems in this way. The multivitamins have a little of each vitamin that we require, but do not have the sufficient dose to meet the demands of vitamins in the body.

The 7 vitamins that you can not stop consuming

How we explain the multivitamin is not an effective alternative so we recommend you only take the essential vitamins for you separately, which we will mention below:

Vitamins B12

Optimizes blood, brain and circulation makes you maintain a bit of muscle tone and strength so that your vitality is preserved as well. Consumes 2.4 mg per day.

The calcium

Women lose an incredible set of calcium as they get older and that estrogen levels reduce and this causes a loss of calcium in the body, which in turn will be accompanied by bone fragility and diseases such as osteoporosis osteopenia. Consume daily once a day in pill form or with your own foods which have to be Sesame, tofu, sardines, almonds, broccoli and spinach.

Vitamins D

This deficiency can lead to high blood sugar levels, diabetes, heart disease and breast cancer. This vitamin in turn will help the absorption of calcium in the body recommend not to consume more than 4,000 IU per day.

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It helps to normalize blood pressure and any type of vascular disease, it also prevents diabetes and generalized swelling of the body. Magnesium in turn helps the digestion of food and the proper portion of nutrients in the intestine.

Omega 3

This is a kind of oil or fatty acid that every person should include in their diet as it prevents premature aging, provides fat burning, prevents memory loss, and optimizes vascular and cardiac health.


No matter how old you are, potassium will keep your blood pressure under control. In fact, one research found a higher intake of potassium-rich foods decreases the risk of suffering from strokes among postmenopausal women. You can get the potassium your body needs from a well-balanced diet. Make sure you include a variety of foods such as bananas, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard, beans and lentils. Supplements should be taken with caution, and should be prescribed and carefully monitored by your GP. Excess potassium can damage the gastrointestinal tract and the heart, causing life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias.


Although they are not vitamins or minerals, they are products that no woman can stop consuming. And is that they play a major role in the intestine of women and men and in turn improve the digestion of food, evade colon cancer and promote weight loss.

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