5 Home Remedies for Saggy Breasts You Can Try Today

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Breast sagging is a completely natural process that happens because of age and the loss of elasticity and firmness. This is the reason why every woman wants to avoid this process and have ideally-shaped breasts.

However, in most cases, that is not possible.

But, it is possible for women who lost their elasticity in the breasts before reaching the age of 40. The causes of premature breast sagging can happen because of pregnancy, early menopause, breastfeeding, nutritional deficiencies, excessive weight gain or loss, and a terrible bra.

In some cases, breast sagging can appear due to an excessive amount of alcohol, nicotine, tuberculosis, respiratory conditions or cancer. The reason for this is because the breasts consist of fat, not muscles.

So, if we want good looking breasts, we have to properly take care of them. Therefore, you can use lotions or a variety of creams that might tone your breasts. But, why use chemicals when there is a perfectly natural solution for this problem?

What Causes Breast Sagging?

There are many reasons that can cause saggy breasts. Here is a list of some of the causes:

  • pregnancy
  • aging
  • obesity
  • smoking
  • bad bra
  • heredity

Remedies for Saggy Breasts

Instead of focusing on chemicals to solve this problem and reform your saggy breasts, try using these home remedies that you can prepare at the comfort of your home.

1. Egg Yolk and Cucumber

This remedy is easy to prepare and it is filled with vitamins and protein. Therefore, it can prove useful for toning your skin and lifting the breasts. If you want to prepare this mask, follow these instructions.


Put a small cucumber in a blender with a teaspoon of butter and an egg yolk. Blend it all well until you get a paste. Then, put the paste on the breasts and leave it for half an hour. After that, wash it off and keep repeating the process once per week.

2. Pomegranate

Aside from the perfect taste of this fruit, pomegranate can also be an excellent ingredient for preventing saggy breasts. Moreover, it has anti-aging properties because it is full of phytonutrients. All you have to do is follow the instructions and make your own remedy.


For this mask, you will need warm mustard oil and a paste of pomegranate peel. Mix them well and apply the mixture on your breasts by massaging them 2 or 3 times per day. However, be careful not to use too hot mustard oil if you want to avoid burning.

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3. Aloe Vera

Many people know that Aloe Vera is perfect for the skin. But, not many know that it can also be useful for preventing saggy breasts. Plus, it contains antioxidants which can be very beneficial for the skin.


Massage gently the aloe gel onto the breasts for 10 minutes. Let it rest for 10 minutes and wash it off. But, you have to do this 4 or 5 days per week if you want some effective results. For more effects, try mixing the aloe gel with a teaspoon of honey and mayonnaise.

Apply it on the breasts and let it rest for 15 minutes before washing it off.

4. Honey, Egg and Vitamin E

For this recipe, you will need a tablespoon of egg whites, honey and vitamin E. This mask can be great for tightening the skin on your breasts and might be able to give them a more firm and elastic look.


Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them well until you get a paste. Apply the mixture on the breasts, but don’t worry, you can wear a bra while you are wearing the mask. Make sure you use a push-up bra and wear it for half an hour before washing the paste off.

Keep using this mask for a week or more until you get the desired effects.

5. Olive Oil

This oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants which can be useful for preventing saggy breasts. Moreover, olive oil can be useful for improving the texture of the skin and toning the areas around the breasts.


This mask is very easy to do. You will only need to use a few drops of olive oil and massage your skin upwards until you generate some heat. This might take around 15 minutes. Try repeating this process 5 times per week to get the desired results.

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