A Turmeric Shot for Washing Parasites Away

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Turmeric has garnered a huge reputation over the past few years as the greatest, most healthy spice of all time. It contains compounds that benefit your mind and body an incredibly amount.

Health Benefits


Chronic inflammation is not good for your body. It makes you feel a lot less energetic, and it produces more and more health issues.

Consuming turmeric can help you balance this out and reduce the inflammations going on in your body like arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, etc.

Bio-Active Compounds

Turmeric contains curcumin, which packs lots of bio-active compounds that can help you treat various health issues.

Boosts Brain Function

The curcumin in the turmeric can also help you with preventing the development of many processes that are degenerative. It also boosts the BDNF brain hormone.

Prevents Cancer

There is a lot of research going on that turmeric can help you out with your battle with cancer as well, by reducing some symptoms.

Helps Depression

Thanks to the fact that turmeric boosts brain function, it can also get your hormones going to boost your energy and make you feel a bit more refreshed and energized.

It’s best to consume turmeric alongside other healthy ingredients that are going to double the benefits.

This is why for today we’ve found out about a drink that’s going to be just the right one to consume if you want to boost your health.

Apple Cider Vinegar is also one incredible ingredient that hold dozens of health benefits if you consume it correctly.

Read more about how to prepare the shot below!

How-To: Prepare


4 Cups of filtered water

¼ Cup of Apple Cider

¼ Cup of Organic Honey

1/8 tsp of Cayenne Pepper

One tsp of Turmeric


Boil the water. Once this is done, take It off the stove and add the ingredients. Mix until they all come together and refrigerate. Drink one shot per day to achieve maximum results!

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